How To Deal With Floater?

Illustration of How To Deal With Floater?
Illustration: How To Deal With Floater?

Hello, I am a man of 20 years old, I use minus 10 glasses, now my eyes are -6, but I use glasses that are -5.5 because if I wear the appropriate size minus my eyes get dizzy, I also have appropriate glasses the same size as my eyes, but I only use it to look away when I am in class, if I wear glasses that are -5.5 everyday. the problem is my experience when using according to the size of my minus eye increases, because if you wear the appropriate size for a long time see a distant blurred, so I wear glasses below the minus size that should be, from my observations for 10 years using glasses, the increase is minus the range 0.5-0.75 per year, that’s fair right? I want to ask the danger of not using the size of glasses that do not fit but I am comfortable? then my eyes also have a floating black shadow floating around like that, they say they can disappear themselves for years – it’s still there, how do you get rid of it huh?

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Hello. Good afternoon, Mas Andre. Thank you for asking

Related to complaints experienced by mas in the form of minus 6, it should be completed whether it occurs in both right and left eyes or there is a big difference in the minus of both eyes, whether it is accompanied by a cylinder cylinder or not.

The minus eye condition is called nearsightedness or myopia which is a distraction to see objects that are located far away look blurry. For the condition of nearsightedness corrected with minus glasses and for the selection of the lowest lens strength to get the best sharp vision and comfortable (no complaints). If done manually checking with a table (not by machine), the selection of glasses will be adjusted for the best, most comfortable and lowest vision. So it would be better if for minus the size measured by the machine is also manually confirmed with the table.

The process of disease in nearsightedness is associated with lengthening the size of the eyeball. For the eyeballs can still increase in size according to age, so because of the lengthening of the size of the eyeball causes the point of falling eye shadow in front of the normal so that this causes an increase in the minus size. Lengthening of the size that occurs is quite varied each person and it would be better if progressively examined by an ophthalmologist.

Complaints associated with the presence of black shadows can be associated with several conditions such as.

There is a part of the retina that is detached
Bleeding in the back of the eye fluid

Part of the retina detached (retinal deteachment) this occurs because there is a back layer of the eye that is detached and is strongly associated with high farsightedness. Because there is a lengthening of the size so there is a tensile force that causes the layer can be detached.

Bleeding in the liquid behind the eye can cause the release of small clots of blood so that the vision looks like a black shadow. This can be related to the condition of trauma, history of surgery.

In such conditions it is better to have a more complete and comprehensive examination by an ophthalmologist so that vision can be maintained as optimal as possible.

Thus the information we can convey. May be useful. Thank you

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