How To Deal With Flu That Is More Than A Week?

Morning doctor, sorry I want to ask the last 2 weeks I have caught the flu, then in the last few days every time I throw the mucus out it’s really yellow but really clear. Why is that? Because I’ve never been rich so I’m confused, usually when I catch a cold it’s not like that. Please answer yes, thank you.

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Hello Roselin,

The complaints mentioned can be caused by inflammation of the protective mucous membrane which can be caused by several conditions, namely:

Acute rhinitis due to bacterial infection, usually the mucus that comes out is thick and thick yellow in color
Acute rhinitis due to viruses, the mucus that comes out is clear to yellowish in color
Allergic rhinits, inflammation due to exposure to allergens such as dust etc.
Sinusitis, inflammation of the sinuses or cavities in the face

The doctor will conduct an examination related to your complaint, especially on the nose. Several additional examinations will be carried out if necessary to ascertain the cause of the complaint. Treatment will adjust to the underlying cause of the complaint. Medicines can be in the form of food medicines, sprays and drops. Apart from administering drugs such as antihistamines and atypyretics, antibiotics can also be given

What you can do regarding your condition:

Get enough rest, avoid excessive activity
Eat nutritious foods
Drink lots of water, especially those that are still warm
Use a mask to avoid transmission
Keeping the house clean

If the complaints you feel are getting worse, it's a good idea to visit the doctor immediately to get further treatment

May be useful

dr. M. Rizki

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