How To Deal With Frequent Seizures?

Illustration of How To Deal With Frequent Seizures?
Illustration: How To Deal With Frequent Seizures?

Ass … I want to ask whether a neurological disease that is already severe can recover again. My brother started with a seizure, then he was possessed, checked into the general practitioner of our epilepsy. far kkja, kk I experience hearing loss, often feel pain in the nape of the neck, head, and hands, Now it is getting worse lost sight, insane memories and can not stand up.Please direct guidance doc.Thank you

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Hello Sriie, thank you for your question to

Seizures can occur because of the spark of excessive electricity in brain cells that occur suddenly, uncontrolled, and not normal. The occurrence of seizures that repeatedly called epilepsy.

Epilepsy can occur due to various causes, including:

history of head trauma
history of stroke or tumor in the brain

Infection (meningitis, encephalitis, HIV-AIDS)
Problems in pregnancy and childbirth (for example lack of nutrition during pregnancy, infections in pregnancy, lack of oxygen / not crying long at birth)
Developmental disorders in children (eg autism)

Common seizures that occur repeatedly or seizures that last a very long time (status epilepticus) can also cause damage to the brain. Damage to the brain can be progressive (slowly getting worse) and can also occur immediately and severely (in the status of epilepticus). Brain cells are cells that cannot repair themselves if there is damage, so if there is damage to brain cells, the damage will most likely be permanent. Therefore, people with epilepsy are strongly advised to undergo therapy and take medication regularly.

You should recommend that your parents bring your sister to a neurologist so that proper evaluation and management can be done. If there is indeed an economic problem, advise your parents to take care of BPJS so that medical costs can be lighter.

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