How To Deal With Fungi In The Mouth Of Children Aged 1 Year?

Illustration of How To Deal With Fungi In The Mouth Of Children Aged 1 Year?
Illustration: How To Deal With Fungi In The Mouth Of Children Aged 1 Year?

My child is 1 year old … the color is thick white … and the ceiling of the mouth is white, but it’s random, is it likely mold? What drug should be given ?? I just got sick too … I read the fungus can grow because of the use of antibiotics too? Not long ago my child was sick and he said antibiotics had to be finished even though the medicine ran out … and my child’s condition had also improved … but I still gave antibiotics … what was that for? Because my child doesn’t know anything about outside snacks

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Hello Indah Dian Sintya,

Oral candidiasis (oral fungus) is a fungal infection of Candida albicans species in the oral cavity. Normally this fungus can be found in the oral cavity in very small amounts. Symptoms of oral candidiasis include:

White lesions that are lumpy like cheese on the tongue, the inside of the cheek, palate, gums, even the larynx
If the white part is removed, reddish or bleeding underneath
Burning heat that causes difficulty eating
Decreased taste sensitivity of food

Oral candidiasis is more likely to occur in young children, elderly people, patients who are unable to maintain oral and dental hygiene, patients with low immune disorders such as HIV patients, malnutrition, or in immunosuppressant treatment. The use of antibiotics in addition to disrupting bad germs, can also cause imbalance of germs in the mouth, thus increasing the risk of fungal growth more. Antibiotics really have to be spent in accordance with the duration of administration that has been determined by the doctor, the consideration of giving antibiotics is also certain with greater benefits than the risk of side effects that arise.

Oral candidiasis in children is also widely obtained from:

Poor oral hygiene
Use of tableware and pacifier bottles contaminated with fungus
If the child is still breastfed, transmission from the nipple or breast of the mother (the mother's nipples appear chapped, abrased, painful while breastfeeding)

The diagnosis of oral candidiasis is obtained from a physical examination and if necessary examination of scraped white lesions under a microscope. Management of oral candidiasis in children is:

Provision of antifungal drugs (eg nystatin) which are dripped and rubbed into the mouth (may be swallowed) or in the form of oral medication if severe infection
Brushing your teeth twice a day
Give enough water to children

Please take the child to the doctor to get an examination of whether the white lesion is due to a fungal infection or not, then the child can get the appropriate treatment. Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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