How To Deal With Gout, Chest Pain And High Blood Pressure?

Illustration of How To Deal With Gout, Chest Pain And High Blood Pressure?
Illustration: How To Deal With Gout, Chest Pain And High Blood Pressure?

Noon Sorry to interrupt, I want to ask. My father is 41 years old. 1 month ago the sole of the foot on the right thumb was swollen a little. I asked the doctor, he said, arthritis gout. Have taken 100 mg allupurinol, voltadex, 4 mg methylprednisolone. But now no longer consume it said there is a drug brand * Montalin * My father said I’d better take it. Then my father had high blood pressure, his blood pressure was 180 MmHg. Take amlodipine 10mg. And yesterday my father hurt his chest why? what medication should you take for leg pain, high blood pressure and chest pain? What are the side effects of the montalin drug? Please answer … thank you …

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Gout, high blood pressure, and chest pain are degenerative diseases that are often diagnosed by elderly patients. This condition is related to aging, decreased body function, and decreased body compensation for certain disease conditions. So that with a decrease in body function, the uric acid metabolic waste can not be eliminated with the optimal, more rigid blood vessels, and the implications for heart function in patients with high blood pressure that has long and has not been controlled optimally.
In patients with metabolic and degenerative disorders or diseases, periodic clinical examinations and evaluations are needed by the treating doctor or internist. So that doctors can conduct examinations and evaluations either by physical examination or supporting examinations that are needed, such as blood tests, radiological examinations, or ECGs.
Patient's treatment is adjusted according to the indications and clinical condition during the last examination by the treating doctor. Thus, in the case of gout patients, high blood pressure, or heart disease, treatment can be given to reduce pain, anti-inflammation and also high blood pressure medications; all this is expected to help control the patient's medical complaints.
In connection with the question you are asking, the product you are referring to is generally not registered at BPOM, so in general the distribution and sale of the drug is informal, so the implication is that the safety of the product cannot be guaranteed for consumption. Some national articles also provide information that the product is dangerous because it contains medicinal chemicals and is not registered with BPOM. Therefore, you should advise to stop taking the drug.
Relating to your father's treatment with gout, blood pressure and chest pain; the treatment given by the doctor who treated your father is in accordance with the indications given by your father's doctor. Thus, what is needed is the patient re-consulting, and continuing treatment from the doctor who treated him, and should not stop treatment without the supervision of the doctor who treats him.
If blood pressure treatment is not continued as prescribed by the doctor, blood pressure complications that may occur can be in the form of disorders of the heart such as disorders of the coronary arteries in the form of chest pain. Complaints of chest pain that is felt can be a complication of blood pressure that is experienced, or other conditions such as lung disorders, stress, or stomach disorders. With examination by a doctor, the cause of complaints of chest pain can be ascertained.
Therefore, you should advise your father to consult again with the doctor who treated him for further evaluation and examination. Thus, the doctor can continue the medical procedure as I stated above. Treatment will be given according to the results of the last examination.
What your father needs to do is:
1. Avoid cigarettes and alcohol when consumed
2. Idealize body weight
3. avoid stress
4. Continue the treatment plan of the doctor who cared for him
Thus the info we can convey.

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