How To Deal With Growth Spurt In Children Aged 20 Months?

Illustration of How To Deal With Growth Spurt In Children Aged 20 Months?
Illustration: How To Deal With Growth Spurt In Children Aged 20 Months?

, my child is now 20 months old. So suddenly she asks for breastmilk for a while (either suck or mentil) at night, during the day she sleeps quite a long time, is easy to fuss, always asks to be carried more age 20mth? what action should I do? r n r nthank you in advance

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Hi didityanti,

Thank you for asking

Growth spurt in babies often overwhelms mothers. Imagine, when you are experiencing a growth spurt, your baby's desire to breastfeed will be stronger and more frequent. Babies also tend to be more irritable and have trouble sleeping if they are not breastfed immediately. This condition is common in almost all babies, especially in the early weeks of life before the age of 6 months.

Although it is very unlikely that the baby may experience growth spurt back at an older age. However, you also need to think about other possible causes that cause the condition, for example:

Adapt the baby before weaning
Most babies who are weaned will experience periods where they want to be closer to their mother, breastfeed more often, and so on. This can be overcome by giving a good understanding that your baby is now an adult, has to learn to be independent, and is no longer dependent on the mother. Don't wean your baby suddenly, but do it slowly and with love. There is no necessity to breastfeed the baby only until the age of 2. You can continue to breastfeed the baby longer than the mother if at all possible. But still, slowly the baby must be given an understanding of the importance of independence. The principle is, don't refuse to breastfeed the baby, but also don't offer it.
Towards teething
When the gums are inflamed just before teething, the baby can feel uncomfortable sensations, namely gums that are itchy, painful, swollen, and so on. This condition can make the baby reluctant to eat and drink (including breastfeeding), or on the contrary, make the baby breastfeed more often because they want to satisfy their discomfort in their mouth by using a pacifier.
Discomfort in the baby's body due to other factors
Conditions almost similar to the description above can also occur when your baby, for example, has a fever, cough, runny nose, has abdominal pain, or other complaints, so that he feels like he wants to always be close to the mother to be more comfortable

You can check your baby's condition directly to a pediatrician to distinguish between each of the possibilities above. However, in general, if you glance at the information you convey, it is possible that what happened to your baby is not a dangerous condition.

You can do the tips below to deal with conditions that are happening to your child at this time:

Adjust the baby's sleep pattern, get the baby to sleep not too late, and wake up early
When the baby cries, hug him and calm him down. If necessary, breastfeed him.
Talk to your baby often, ask him how he feels, and is there anything you can do to make him feel more comfortable
Give the baby food that is processed hygienically, has high nutritional value, and varies
Keep your baby busy with lots of playing to support their intelligence
Avoid using gadgets on children before school age

Hope it helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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