How To Deal With GTM Children When Coughs And Colds?

Illustration of How To Deal With GTM Children When Coughs And Colds?
Illustration: How To Deal With GTM Children When Coughs And Colds?

Hello doctor, I want to ask my child now aged 13 months 9 days, almost a week of GTM, the first day I think it’s because of thrush, so I made porridge with a soft texture, even though it took a long time to chew but still swallowed and it also had to be while walking, now it is served. I have a cold cough and don’t want to eat at all I have tried several menus but I still don’t want to open my mouth, I want to force myself to be afraid of trauma and even don’t want to eat, while to deal with the cough I give kencur juice, all the vitamins and honey are already okay, how come So that my child likes to eat again when I have a baby, I’m afraid my child’s weight will go down again, now that age is 8.3kg, is it still in the normal category?

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Like adults, the feeling of discomfort in the baby's body, including when experiencing mouth sores, coughs and colds can certainly affect their appetite. This condition is not always dangerous. In most cases, this decreased appetite will stabilize again after the baby's disease is cured. Therefore, you should not worry.

At 13 months of age, male babies will normally weigh between 9.2 and 11.6 kg, while female babies will weigh between 8.4 and 11 kg. Indeed, at first glance your baby's weight is smaller than the standard benchmark for babies his age. However, this condition can also vary, for example if your baby was previously born with a premature condition, LBW (low birth weight), or also suffered from severe illness early in life that required him to be hospitalized. Difficulty eating that occurs in the vulnerable 1 to 2 weeks generally will not significantly interfere with the baby's growth.

At this time, you should first focus on dealing with the disease your baby is experiencing. Although most coughs, colds, and thrush in babies are not dangerous conditions. However, if the incident has lasted for more than 3 days, and does not improve, you should remain vigilant and have your baby checked directly to a doctor or pediatrician. These various complaints may occur due to allergies, irritation, or infection of the respiratory tract. Lack of vitamin C intake, poor immune system, poor personal hygiene and environment, and close contact with other people who suffer from other respiratory infections can also aggravate this condition. With a direct doctor's examination, of course the doctor can give your baby the right treatment so that his complaints subside and his appetite will increase again.

You can help alleviate various complaints, as well as increase your baby's appetite again in the following ways:

Give the child lots of warm water
Breastfeed as well
Do not give children food and drink that is cold, contains excessive oil and waste
Give the child lots of food with a soft texture and warm soup
Also, balance the feeding and drinking with fruits and vegetables, especially those rich in vitamin C.
Keep children away from cigarettes, smoke, and also close contact with adults who are sick with a contagious cough
Get used to diligent children washing their hands and brushing their teeth
If there are substances that your baby is allergic to frequently, put them away
Don't force the baby to eat
Help the baby eat together
As early as possible, teach the baby to eat alone

Monitor baby's weight

Cough in babies

Colds in babies

Difficulty feeding in babies

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