How To Deal With Gummy Smile While Treating Nerve Cavities?

Illustration of How To Deal With Gummy Smile While Treating Nerve Cavities?
Illustration: How To Deal With Gummy Smile While Treating Nerve Cavities?

Hello, good morning. U003cbr / u003I want to ask about the gummy smile, I lack confidence when smiling, because my upper gum looks dominant at that time. How to overcome it huh? if you need the usual action what needs to be done. But at the moment I am taking care of the nerve of my teeth in cavities, and am waiting for the scheduling of tooth extraction in cracked molars. Now with the treatment that I’m doing, can I go to the clinic to overcome my gummy smile? because right now my teeth and tooth extractions were done in a hospital with BPJS. Gummy smile didn’t know that I wasn’t covered by BPJS, so I had to go to the dental clinic.

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Good evening, thanks for asking at Gummy smile is a term used when someone's smile shows their gums too much, about 3-4 mm above the teeth when smiling. This condition can be normal or not, depending on the reason for the first appearance and whether there are other complaints or not.

When it is said to be normal, it is when this condition can be purely due to genetic or hereditary factors, and you yourself do not feel any symptoms or dysfunction. While the appearance of the smile is caused due to abnormalities in tooth growth, plaque buildup, muscle abnormalities in the related area and you experience interference for example in chewing, talking or there are certain inconveniences, then this is certainly not normal and requires special handling.

So in your case, to determine the best treatment for you, you need to first determine your condition is actually normal or not. Because if it is not normal, it may require handling the main cause first, before handling the condition of the gummy smile itself. If the main cause has been treated, or if this condition is normal, then the treatment options can be through several types of surgery, laser, and injection. The treatment you will get will depend on the facilities owned by the place you are examined, and the agreement of the results of the discussion with you.

What is clear, if you now have other dental problems such as tooth extraction, you should solve one by one, because this condition is not dangerous, regardless of whether normal or not. By waiting one by one, your body will have time to recover before other actions, and you will feel more comfortable through it. In addition, make sure that you only consult and take action with the dentist, and while waiting, make sure again whether you want to do the procedure because it is not impossible that there is actually no problem with your smile. So, hopefully answering your question.

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