How To Deal With Heartburn During Pregnancy At The Age Of 2 Months?

Illustration of How To Deal With Heartburn During Pregnancy At The Age Of 2 Months?
Illustration: How To Deal With Heartburn During Pregnancy At The Age Of 2 Months?

Hello … my name is Liya, I am 23 years old … I am pregnant at the time of my womb, I am 2 months old … lately I often feel heartburn. Until I eat my stomach, it feels bad, my throat is tight, but it’s only on the left side … at night, my stomach feels really bad, and my stomach feels bloated every day. I also have klyengan, almost 3 years ago. .. along with anxiety and fear .. with added complaints in my stomach I am becoming more and more scared .. I have consulted several times to the doctor but the doctor’s answer to the medicine that the doctor has not yet been able to eliminate the feeling of fear. anxious .. and complaints in my stomach .. please answer 🙏🙏

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Wa alaikumsalam Liya, thank you for asking at The conditions you are experiencing may not all be related, especially because there is a time lag that is too far away, which is 3 years. There may be several conditions that occur simultaneously with you now, including the first is for complaints of pain in the pit of the stomach, tightness in the stomach and lumps in the throat, this can occur due to acid reflux disease, gastric inflammation, colds, or the influence of hormones during pregnancy.

The possibilities are very diverse and for your condition, you should check with your obstetrician or internist. This examination is important because it requires the exploration of history, physical examination and possibly support to ascertain the cause and determine the treatment, especially because each of these conditions requires different treatment. If you have checked yourself with the doctor but the complaints still have not improved, return to the same doctor for further examination and treatment, because some diseases can not be detected and healed in one meeting,

As for anxiety, fear, and other feelings, it is true what your doctor says that there is no medicine that automatically removes these feelings. You must find out what causes the fear to emerge and fight it yourself. But if you have trouble, don't be discouraged. Consult the problem with a psychologist, or may go directly to a psychiatrist. The difference is that a psychologist is not a doctor, and if you find that you have certain mental complaints that require medication for help, a psychologist cannot prescribe it, but a psychiatrist can.

In Indonesia, going to a psychologist and a psychiatrist may still be confined to the taboo wrapping and negative connotations about psychiatric problems and insanity, but in reality, none of that is true. You feel it yourself and do not let you suffer because of the assumption of others. If you think your feelings have been troubled for the past 3 years with that fear and anxiety, check yourself. Later if you have undergone treatment, you will feel more relieved, and maybe, wonder why you did not check yourself earlier.

Then overall, if the doctor we mentioned, obstetrician, internist, psychiatrist and also a psychologist does not find any abnormalities in you, you should ask according to their examination, where you should proceed to the next examination. That way, you will not be confused and continue to get ongoing handling. In addition, avoid the consumption of spicy, sour, oily foods, coffee, chocolate, eat regularly, avoid stress and multiply the consumption of warm water. So, hopefully answering your question.

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