How To Deal With Hemorrhoids That Arise After Normal Delivery?

Illustration of How To Deal With Hemorrhoids That Arise After Normal Delivery?
Illustration: How To Deal With Hemorrhoids That Arise After Normal Delivery?

In the morning, two days ago I gave birth normally with a baby I thought was big so that even during the pushing process I had to push hard … but after the birth process was finished and the stitches were finished, there was a lump of flesh as big as a marble dannsmpe now that’s what makes it difficult for me to do daily activities … Previously, when I was pregnant, I was constipated but never had any blood or flesh from the anus, please answer, thank you

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Hi deejah,

Thank you for asking

Need to clarify, where is the exact location of the protrusion of meat? Is in the vagina spare? Anal opening? Or where?

The pressure of the perineum by the fetal cradle coupled with the very intense contraction of the uterine muscles during a normal delivery can cause complications related to increased pressure in the pelvic cavity. If what you mean is a lump coming out of the anal canal, then it is possible that you are experiencing hemorrhoids (hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids). This condition occurs when the veins in the anus or lower rectum become swollen. One of the triggers can be due to high pressure around the pelvis, including one of them due to pregnancy and normal labor. In addition, other factors can also trigger hemorrhoids, including chronic constipation or diarrhea, frequent coughing or vomiting, obesity or obesity, as well as frequent lifting of heavy weights. Lumps in the anus that appear due to hemorrhoids are reddish in color like flesh, soft in consistency, and are accompanied by discomfort around the anus, for example in the form of itching, lumping, to pain. In addition, sufferers often find fresh blood that comes out, especially during defecation.

In addition to hemorrhoids, you may also have a lump that comes out of the anus due to anal prolapse (anus that sticks out due to weakening of the pelvic wall), an anal abscess (a pus-filled sac in the anus), and a benign or malignant tumor. However, if you mean that the lump comes out of the vagina, then it could also be caused by uterine prolapse (the uterus sticking out), geburt myoma (a benign tumor that comes from the uterine muscle and dangles out of the vaginal canal), infection, and so on. .

Due to the very limited information provided, we cannot determine a definite diagnosis of your complaint without conducting a direct examination. Therefore, if the complaint feels very difficult for you in your activities, you should check with your doctor right away. If it is true that the lump appears due to hemorrhoids, then definitive treatment can be done with surgery and administration of several types of drugs.

In the meantime, you should first do the following:

Does not pull, squeeze, or apply anything to the bumps
Reduce excessive straining, including when lifting heavy weights
Do not get in the habit of holding back the urge to defecate
Eat lots of vegetables, fruit, and water to avoid constipation
If you feel pain, you can first take paracetamol - this drug is safe for consumption for breastfeeding
Get plenty of rest so as not to cause excessive friction around the anus
Wear pants that are clean and not tight
Always keep your buttocks and sex organs clean

Hope it helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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