How To Deal With High Blood Pressure?

Illustration of How To Deal With High Blood Pressure?
Illustration: How To Deal With High Blood Pressure?

, I am a 29th man with obesity who has been suffering from obesity for almost 7 years, my high blood pressure has not decreased … I used to be 210/100 .. I felt like there was a blockage of blood on the head of the forehead area..but I just tried to treat myself with traditional ingredients. .. .. about 3 years ago, I started to feel a small lump on my left back which, when I touched it, caused panic symptoms such as a heart attack, my heart was pounding .. I was sweating … worried .. I will leave it for about 2 – 3 minutes, then the panic subsides … I also don’t know whether this lump has appeared since then or recently because my tension is always high, I don’t know … what is certain is that until now I have written, the effect is not it disappears … if my left hand is a little bit backwards, the effect like to die will reappear … I don’t know, if this lump is a lipoma or a dangerous bubble in my blood circulation … just if this lump is somehow blocked or depressed , the effect is like my blood flow as if to stop.

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Hello Mr. Riad, thank you for your question.

First of all I think it is clear that a blood pressure that reaches 210/100 is not hypertension / high blood pressure which should be underestimated because such high blood pressure has the potential to cause various organ disorders. damage to the eyes, kidneys, heart and brain is the most common complication of this condition. I think it is clear that your condition needs to be managed by a doctor rather than relying on your own medication so far.

1. Make sure you limit your intake of table salt / salty foods, in general for patients like you the maximum amount of salt consumed a day should not be more than 1500 mg / approximately 1 tsp

2. visit a specialist in internal medicine

A visit to an internal medicine doctor is important to do to manage your blood pressure optimally and check for the lumps you are referring to, whether due to processes such as infection, benign / malignant tumors, or dilation of blood vessels etc. and if necessary, referrals / suggestions can be given to consult the appropriate doctor.

In addition, in general, internal medicine doctors are also trained in psychosomatic science, so that they also assess psychiatric disorders such as depression or anxiety disorders that may exist, because from the writing you convey, it is very obvious that anxiety is felt. If it is necessary, the doctor can help manage the anxiety disorder.


That is what I can say, hopefully this is useful.

dr. Lili

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