How To Deal With IBS (irritable Bowel Syndrome)?

Illustration of How To Deal With IBS (irritable Bowel Syndrome)?
Illustration: How To Deal With IBS (irritable Bowel Syndrome)?

Hello doctor, I am a student in a country of people, namely Egypt, for a month of fasting yesterday until now I have an abdominal pain that does not disappear, I have checked in a specialist doctor here, the doctor diagnosed that I was exposed to “spastic colon” I was looking for digoogle (because I was only a few months here so I still don’t understand what the Egyptian doctor said) turned out to be IBS, I was given medicine here and I checked up again but the stomach ache was still felt, I wanted to ask if this IBS really didn’t can you recover completely? I also read on Google there only reduce the symptoms, I really want to disappear so that I can focus on studying here, can IBS really disappear?

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There are complaints of abdominal pain that you feel, especially since you went to study in Egypt, may be caused by digestive disorders that are triggered by a type of food that is different from the type of food you normally consume or the type of food that is less appropriate when you break and dawn in undergoing fasting. If the type of food that you consume is not suitable for your digestion, then this complaint is probably already felt when you started coming in Egypt, but this complaint is not too annoying or the complaint that you feel is not getting worse. And all of this does require a complete review and identification of your medical history while in Egypt and before living in Egypt.

If you have previously consulted directly with a doctor, and the doctor stated that the complaint that you feel is a spasm of the colon, this condition is often caused by IBS or irritable bowel syndrome, where it is characterized by complaints of stomach discomfort, increased gas, increased sense of fullness. stomach, nausea, or maybe until the bowel is soft or maybe diarrhea. The diagnosis of IBS can be established based on clinical interviews, patient complaints and physical examinations carried out. Special investigations are usually not done for this condition, unless you suspect a risk of infection affecting your clinical condition. And patients with IBS usually get better or the frequency of attacks can be greatly reduced by improving healthy eating patterns, avoiding stress, getting enough sleep or avoiding foods that are at risk of increasing these complaints (spicy, coconut milk, foods with excess salt content -MSG). So in general, the prognosis for the possibility of this complaint recurs and the intensity of complaints of mild to disturbing pain can also occur repeatedly in the future. However, this complaint can recover, improving as long as preventing the risk and conditions init is not at risk of life threatening.

However, colon spasms can also be caused by other conditions besides IBS, such as:

1. digestive infection

2. food intolerance

3. ulcerative colitis

4. Crohn's disease

5. appendicitis

6. bowel movement disorders

Therefore, if your current complaint is still disturbing, then you should continue to consult your doctor in Egypt or consult an internist in the gastroenterology department at the nearest hospital. If needed, further tests can be done, such as ultrasound examination, endoscopy or stool analysis and blood tests. The results of the examination will confirm the cause of the complaint you are feeling, so that treatment and treatment can be given according to your clinical condition.

For now, you should start identifying types of food that can increase your complaints, then avoid these foods. Other efforts are controlling stress, avoiding staying up late, and doing light exercise to restore your stamina.

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