How To Deal With Injuries To The Buttocks (elderly) Due To Pampers?

Hello, I want to ask, I have an accident 2 weeks ago, and until now I haven’t been able to get out of bed. Therefore, the pampers that he uses every day cause sores on the buttocks. How to overcome them?

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Handling of wounds in the buttocks area due to prolonged bed rest actually depends on the severity of the wound. If the wound is only on the surface, it is necessary to treat open wounds and administer antibiotic ointment if it is suspected to be accompanied by an infection. Patients are directed to often tilt to the right and left each of 30 minutes-1 hour some time in a day.

Meanwhile, if the wound is quite deep then it is necessary to suspect complications due to prolonged bed rest, namely pressure sores. Decubitus ulcers are sores on the deeper surface of the skin due to damage to soft tissue as a result of continuous pressure and for a long time between protrusion of the bone and the external surface. Pressure ulcers can occur anywhere, but are more common in areas where there is protrusion of the bone. Decubitus ulcers often occur in patients with mobility impairments where all activity is generally carried out in bed.

Treatment of pressure ulcers in general includes several important points, including:

1. Adequate nutrition
2. Pain management
3. Use of surface support tools
4. Wound care
5. Treat infections
6. Surgery

The intended wound care consists of gentle wound cleansing to reduce and irrigate the wound using a sterile solution. Then it is also important to remove the dead skin tissue or called the debridement procedure. After that, a wound dressing or moist dressing is provided to protect the wound from the outside environment, reduce or prevent infection, and
stimulate the formation of healing tissue or granulation. Meanwhile the administration of topical antibiotics aims to prevent or treat infections

In this case it is better to consult directly with the doctor for examination and therapy in accordance with the patient's current condition.

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