How To Deal With Insect Bites On The Thighs?

Illustration of How To Deal With Insect Bites On The Thighs?
Illustration: How To Deal With Insect Bites On The Thighs?

, I want to ask this afternoon I was bitten by an insect that feels like burning, heat, itching and there are small dots like pus, how do I treat it. Thank you

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Most insect bites will only cause local and mild inflammatory reactions on the skin. This inflammatory reaction can cause symptoms such as redness, bumps / swelling, and itching or pain. These symptoms will usually improve on their own within a few days and do not require specific therapy. You have to make sure you don't scratch the lesion on your skin, and to reduce the symptoms of inflammation you can compress the area that the insect is bitten with a cold compress. You should not try to stab or remove the contents of the lump yourself.

If the lesions on your skin appear to be getting bigger, there is also a reaction in other areas of the skin (spread throughout your body), you experience other systemic symptoms such as swelling of the lips and tongue, shortness of breath or breath sounds, fever, immediately go to hospital. If indeed your symptoms are quite severe, you should try to identify insects that bite you to find out how to prevent bites on yourself and the people around you.

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