How To Deal With Insomnia?

Illustration of How To Deal With Insomnia?
Illustration: How To Deal With Insomnia?

Dear Doctor, Good afternoon u003cbr u003eA couple of weeks I have had a sleep disturbance, sometimes the condition gets worse when I am too tired, when the body wants to sleep suddenly a little jerks makes me wake up, it happens many times when I am disturbed, so that it makes stress / anxiety / think negative things. I am also still confused whether insomnia causes stress, or stress causes insomnia. Are there any hormones about me that are out of balance, which makes me sleep disorder. How do you recommend the doctor, do I have to go to an internist or a psychiatrist … u003cbr u003e As a note this has been consulted to a neurologist and the doctor has given sleeping pills, the medication I routinely take as directed, I have tried to get rid of the drug but it still can’t, so it’s like a dependency, I also did a CT scan + contrast (head section), and the results didn’t matter. u003cbr u003e Please advise and answer, thanks in advance

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Hello Fikrifr,

Thank you for asking

Severe mental stress (stress) can cause insomnia, and vice versa. Stress due to various triggers, including because of work, school, family problems, interpersonal relationships, loss of loved ones or objects, and so on can cause increased stress hormone production. This stress hormone will make someone always awake, so it is difficult to sleep. Conversely, when it is difficult to sleep, the body also does not feel relaxed, more sensitive, difficult to concentrate, and various other complaints appear that can aggravate stress.

Apart from stress, insomnia can also occur due to other triggers, for example side effects of drugs, excessive caffeine or alcohol consumption, unhealthy lifestyles, irregular sleep patterns, jetlags, uncomfortable environmental conditions, to other diseases (for example hyperthyroidism, inflammation joints, asthma, gastroesophageal reflux disease, and so on).

This condition, if you don't get good treatment, can become like a vicious circle that makes your quality of life worse. Therefore, if the handling of doctors and neurologists have not been able to overcome your complaints, you should check yourself with a psychiatrist. With psychiatric interviews and other supporting examinations (eg brain records, laboratories, etc.), doctors are often able to determine the best management.

Our current recommendations:

Do not indiscriminate consumption of drugs (including sleeping pills) without doctor's advice
Don't drink caffeinated beverages or even alcohol
Avoid smoking, don't consume drugs
Create good sleep habits, for example:
Always sleep and wake up regularly every day
Limit your nap time
Before going to bed, don't overeat
To trigger drowsiness, drink warm water, soak in warm water, do light massage on your growth
Condition your bed to be clean, comfortable, not glare, not noisy, not too cold, not too hot
Do things that make you sleepy, like reading

Don't think about anything too complicated
Busy morning to evening with good activities, for example exercising, working, socializing with the environment, and so on
Walk always a healthy lifestyle

Hope this helps ...

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