How To Deal With Itching On The Skin Of The Feet And Red Spots Appear

Illustration of How To Deal With Itching On The Skin Of The Feet And Red Spots Appear
Illustration: How To Deal With Itching On The Skin Of The Feet And Red Spots Appear

Doc, it’s been 3 days my feet are itchy and hot and red spots appear. The itching appears in the morning and evening. Sometimes also appears at night. And that was very disturbing. How do you overcome it huh dock?

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There are complaints of feet that feel itchy, red spots that you have felt in about 3 days, it may be caused by inflammation of the roots of your feet hair. When the air is humid, rainy, lots of puddles, often the feet are easily moist and dirt or dust around you sticks to your skin. Especially in the test season, the rain splashes, standing water can contact with the skin of your feet, both when you walk or drive a vehicle. If the habit of washing your feet is not done routinely or is inconsistent, dirt, dust, or other non-hygiene conditions can remain attached to your skin. If this is left unchecked, it can cause inflammation in the skin area and in the pores or hair roots of your feet skin.

This complaint is often accompanied by complaints of itching, reddish spots that are not too large, appearing in the pores of the skin or hair roots, these spots can be colored red until pus appears on the spots. When an inflammatory process occurs, usually only complaints of itching and spots appear, but sometimes contamination of germs can contribute to causing the inflammation process to interfere with the uncomfortable itching. Be careful when scratching, because it can injure or cause a new wound in the scratching area and risk of bacterial contamination. And in general this condition is also called folliculitis or inflammation of the hair roots.

It is important that you evaluate the possible triggers for complaints that you feel, if you do not try to identify them, then these complaints can appear repeatedly and bother you. Apart from moisture, dust, or standing water, conditions such as dirty clothing, increased perspiration, being in a dusty area, or damp clothing / damp pants can also trigger this complaint. So maintaining personal hygiene or maintaining personal hygiene is very important to reduce this complaint.

Apart from inflammation of the hair roots or skin pores, several medical conditions can also give the same complaint, such as:

 Bacterial infections Fungal infections Viral infections Eczema allergy Tick bites Because the information you feel does not give a typical picture of a disease, it is necessary to consult and check directly with your doctor. If your complaint is not seen directly by your doctor, it is difficult to ascertain the cause. Usually by looking directly at this skin complaint, the doctor can find out the cause of the complaint you are feeling. Thus, doctors can provide advice and treatment recommendations as needed.

During your treatment and medication, you should pay attention to several things, such as:

 Avoid using drugs without a doctor's prescription Give a warm compress to the itchy area Clean your skin after activity or after contact with non-hygienic conditions Use clean clothes or pants That's the info we can convey.

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