How To Deal With Itching, Swelling And Small Holes In The Soles Of The Feet?

In the afternoon, I am 17 years old. This week my feet are precisely under the thumb itchy and a little swelling in the swelling there is a small hole “filled with water … and sometimes I feel very itchy at all. Please explain and what medicine should I use because I already used some itch saleb

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Hi Nuraida,

Itching that is experienced on the soles of the feet, which is accompanied by the presence of spots filled with water, can be caused by:

Dishidrotic dermatitis or Pompholyx Allergic reactions Contact dermatitis Fungal infections or water fleas Scabies Each of the above conditions requires different treatment. Therefore, you should check this directly to the doctor so that it can be treated immediately without causing further complications or widespread itching.

Our suggestion:

Keep your feet clean, skin moist and healthy. Avoid using shoes that are too narrow and closed for a long time. Pay attention to whether your feet are exposed to materials that can cause irritation or allergies to your skin. Avoid using ointments without doctor's advice. So, hopefully it can help.

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