How To Deal With Keloid Disease And Acne.?

Want to ask. The keloid disease came suddenly, Now I am 23 years old, a 4 year old who just got a keloid disease, why can’t I have a keloid disease … I think my skin is sensitive, I know the part the most sensitive face often appears when pimples are exposed to dust etc. Don’t worry about the breasts, how come they appear like pimples at first, I think, but over time, the hardness will also increase and increase in size, how to cure it, for example: before got keloid disease I eat meat does the fish have no problem but now if I eat meat and fish in the cleavage itchy the hour when eating the fish was already very fast bumps “a lot like spread the disease, I’m confused how to treat it afraid if he said if too late can be too cancerous … Mahon confirmation ..

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Hello Santo, Thank you for the question.

Your complaint is not a keloid. Keloids are thickened scars with skin color that is usually different from normal skin. The appearance of keloids is caused by various kinds of wounds such as scratch wounds, surgical scars, claw wounds. When someone has an injury, scar tissue will form as a result of the wound healing process. In keloids, excessive scarring grows and causes thickening of the skin. The condition is benign and there is no term malignant keloid.

Culinary bumps that arise after consuming high protein foods such as fish are biduran. Hives are reddish skin rashes that can appear on any area of ​​the body with a variety of sizes that feel itchy. Spoilers are generally caused by allergies. Some triggers for biduran are:

foods with high protein content such as seafood, eggs, milk
insect bite
drugs such as antibiotics, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
exposure to cold or hot air

To be sure, when you experience a skin rash, please see your doctor. The doctor will ask about this complaint and examine your skin rash immediately. If it is caused by a biduran, the doctor will give a drug intended to treat these symptoms which can be in the form of antihistamines and corticosteroids. The doctor will usually also suggest an allergy test to find out what things can trigger your face so that triggers can be avoided. Hives cannot be cured and the main treatment for these complaints is to avoid triggering them. Avoid scratching itchy skin, you can apply calamine lotion or salicyl powder to help relieve itching.

Hopefully this information is useful.

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