How To Deal With Kleptomania Which Returns After 2 Years Of Recovery?

Illustration of How To Deal With Kleptomania Which Returns After 2 Years Of Recovery?
Illustration: How To Deal With Kleptomania Which Returns After 2 Years Of Recovery?

I’m Rosa Linda, I’m 19 years old. and now I have been pregnant for 6 months. I want to ask how to treat Kleptomani Disease? at the age of 10 this disease arises. and was said to heal 2 years ago. But why when I was 6 months pregnant this disease reappeared? how do i handle it.

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Hello, thanks for the question. Kleptomania is a mental illness where the sufferer experiences impulsive control disorder to steal or shoplift. This disease can affect children, adolescents, and adults. Clptomania sufferers usually steal something that is not valuable and not needed, feel satisfied and happy after successfully doing the action, and can not refrain from doing it again. These acts are usually done spontaneously and alone, and not on personal needs such as in criminal acts. This action is carried out only to fulfill an impulse that cannot be controlled and stolen items are sometimes not useful for himself. The cause of mental illness is actually still unclear, but some theories say, this disease is caused by a disturbance in serotonin, which is a substance in the body which if the amount is insufficient can cause impulsive behavior so that a person cannot refrain from doing an act without thinking about the consequences. . Another theory also says that due to the release of excess dopamine, the behavior of stealing initially can release dopamine which stimulates feelings of pleasure and relief, so that if done repeatedly can lead to addictive behavior. The use of illegal drugs such as opioids can cause an imbalance of these substances in the brain so that a person is unable to resist his impulsive behavior. In addition, Kleptomania can also arise after a brain injury or poisoning of chemicals such as carbon monoxide. During pregnancy physiological changes occur in the body so that the chemicals in the body experience changes, emotions become unstable, and can cause recurrence of the disease. But actually there is no definitive research on why pregnancy can cause Kleptomania. Some factors that can increase a person's risk of experiencing Kleptomania include:

Have a family history of Kleptomania or other mental illnesses such as obsessive compulsive disorder, substance abuse or alcohol, etc. Gender of women have other psychiatric illnesses, such as personality disorders, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, substance abuse, etc. Trauma / head injury Chemical poisoning, such as carbon monoxide. This disease sometimes makes sufferers embarrassed and afraid to seek treatment so that sometimes it is allowed to drag on and cause serious emotional problems. Therefore, you should consult a psychiatrist about this disease. The doctor will conduct a physical and psychological evaluation, and look for possible causes of this disease, whether caused by a medical condition or not. The doctor will ask a few questions about the urge and its influence on your daily life, ask about the triggering factors for the behavior, and assess yourself by filling out a questionnaire. Treatment usually includes administration of drugs and psychotherapy. We recommend that you do regular and regular treatment to avoid recurrence, if there is an urge to steal immediately contact someone or a close friend to tell you what you want. Thus, hopefully it helps.

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