How To Deal With Late Menstruation For Up To 3 Months?

Illustration of How To Deal With Late Menstruation For Up To 3 Months?
Illustration: How To Deal With Late Menstruation For Up To 3 Months?

hi I want to ask almost 2 months I am not menstruating I am still 17 years old my period is sometimes once a month 2 months at most once in 3 months how do I do it once every 1 month r nContinue to affect pregnancy if I rarely menstruation?

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Menstruation is a sensitive topic for a woman, especially if the cycle is different from that of women in general. In general, a normal menstrual cycle is around once every 21 to 35 days, with a normal average cycle of once every 28 days. However, it is not uncommon for some women to have a history of menstrual cycles that are different from most, or you could say that their menstrual cycles are longer than normal.

Problems in the menstrual cycle are usually divided into four, namely:

Menorrhagia: during menstruation, the blood that comes out is very much / more than normal / during menstruation usually.
Amenorrhoea: menstruation does not occur at all, can be from the onset of puberty, or had menstruation after which it stopped menstruation altogether
Oligomenorrhea: where menstruation occurs more than a normal cycle / the arrival of menstruation after 90 days.

Menstrual pain / dysmenorrhoea: excessive pain / cramps in the lower abdomen can be before or during menstruation, which can be very disturbing to the point of being unable to carry out daily activities.

The cause of the length of the menstrual cycle that you get can be influenced by several causes, namely:

sports that are too heavy / activities that are too strenuous
eating disorders
the presence of a disease such as diabetes or thyroid disease
there is a disruption in the glands in the brain
or PCOS disease

The occurrence of pregnancy is influenced by factors of the quality of the ovum produced by women and sperm produced by men. If the ovum and sperm meet and fertilization occurs, pregnancy can occur. So that the long menstrual cycle is a factor that does not directly affect the pregnancy of each partner. As long as menstruation still occurs, the possibility of getting pregnant is still there and it can happen. It's just that knowing when ovulation occurs is a little more difficult than for women who have normal menstrual cycles.

The right thing you need to do is to see a gynecologist so that you can check the condition of the reproductive system in yourself. If it is declared okay, then you don't need to worry about the menstrual cycle you have, and you need proper planning with your obstetrician to plan your pregnancy and your husband. However, if in the end, after the examination, things are found that can interfere with the health and future of pregnancy planning, then this can be treated as early as possible so that it does not have an adverse effect in the future.

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