How To Deal With Lazy Eyes?

Illustration of How To Deal With Lazy Eyes?
Illustration: How To Deal With Lazy Eyes?

I was diagnosed with lazy eye a year ago by an ophthalmologist, and I was prescribed eyeglasses with the size of OD Cyl-250 axis 170 OS cyl -1,25 axis 180 I have made the glasses … my age is now 28 years old because of lazy eye he said because I am used to seeing one eyes ,, so my other eye often does not focus / run ,, I often selfie ,, and the squinting eye is the right eye. what I want to ask is that lazy eyes can be trained with a blindfold, and what is closed is a healthy eye ,, for two hours a day ,, I am confused my healthy eyes are small or big cyl eyes? so which eyes do I have to close … 2? then the second one I often get sleepy ,, or his eyes get tired and not focus \ blur if working on the screen ,, it’s hard to make the focus ,, can focus but it doesn’t blur longer, is that also an indication of lazy eyes \ starbimus? what do i have to do ,, it really disturbs my job as a designer ,,

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Lazy eye or amblyopia is a vision problem in one eye, caused by the brain and the eye not connected properly so that the ability of vision in the sick eye becomes decreased. This eye disorder can begin from newborn to children aged 7 years. As a result, children only use healthy eyes, over time the eyes that are sick can become permanently blind because they are not used.
Most cases, lazy eye occurs in children who have squint or strabismus eyes. However, it can also be caused by other things, such as cataracts, corneal ulcers, corneal psychiatric, nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and drooping eyelids.
Handling for lazy eye really depends on the cause. As for the therapeutic treatment that is done by closing a healthy eye, it will be more effective if done during childhood, which is a period where eye nerve development can still occur. However, you can still do it, namely by closing your left eye. You can do this for 2-6 hours a day. In addition to closing your eyes, you can exercise eye muscles to move the eye, wear glasses and use special eye drops. You can consult about these eye drops with your eye doctor. In addition, also discuss the operations that can be undertaken to resolve your complaint.
Besides experiencing lazy and squinting eyes, you also experience tired eyes. You can read more here, OK? Do not forget to always rest your eyes after 20 minutes of work, for 20 seconds by looking out (view off). Blink often. You can also use eyedrops that contain sterile eye fluid that has a tear-like content.
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