How To Deal With Liver Disease?

Illustration of How To Deal With Liver Disease?
Illustration: How To Deal With Liver Disease?

my father had liver, stomach disease. The rib cage is a little swollen, if you like it, it feels pain in the right back. After treatment, it still doesn’t work. I wonder what the cure is, the fast cure the disease. Almost 4 months it won’t heal.

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Hi Yeni,

There are many types of liver disease (liver) so you should ask in detail about the illness / complaint experienced by your father so that we can provide information and advice in accordance with his condition. Here are some medical conditions that can cause interference with the liver:

 Liver inflammation due to viral infection (viral hepatitis) Fatty liver Liver inflammation due to excessive alcohol consumption Liver infection by bacteria, for example amebic liver abscess Drug-induced inflammation Liver inflammation related to gallbladder disorders Cirrhosis (hardening) of the liver, liver cancer Different causes will require treatment different too. Therefore, your father should inquire about the condition of his complaint with the doctor who treats him so that we can provide appropriate advice.

Because the complaint is still persistent after undergoing treatment, your father should discuss it with the doctor who treats him to get further treatment. Your father can also ask other doctors for their complaints, I suggest that your father consult with a specialist in the hepatology subdivision to get optimal treatment.

Some suggestions related to your father's condition are as follows:

 Get enough rest Avoiding alcohol consumption, fatty foods Manage stress wisely Maintain ideal body weight with a healthy diet and regular exercise regularly Carry out treatment and control according to doctor's advice, check immediately if complaints persist or worsen Hopefully useful,

dr. Budiono

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