How To Deal With Lost Back Pain Arises?

Illustration of How To Deal With Lost Back Pain Arises?
Illustration: How To Deal With Lost Back Pain Arises?

I have a lumbago but sometimes, if I have a lumbago, can I take Cipro medicine?

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The cause of complaints of low back pain can vary greatly, ranging from disorders of the urinary tract, muscular disorders to innervation in the spine. Some medical conditions that can cause low back pain symptoms include:

- Kidney stones
- Urinary tract infection
- Kidney infection
- Kidney cyst
- Kidney abscess
- Kidney swelling
- Muscle spasm
- Spinal inflammation
- Spinal cord squeezed
- Spinal injury
- Spinal arch abnormalities

Complaints of low back pain are not necessarily given antibiotics including ciprofloxacin. The administration of antibiotics must be selective based on clear medical indications based on a previous examination that is on a general suspicion of the condition of the infection. It would be unwise if the symptoms of low back pain are not yet known the cause and then given antibiotic therapy.

In this condition, the doctor needs to explore more information about the characteristics of pain (pain location, nature of pain, intensity of pain, factors that trigger pain, factors that ease pain, spread of pain), other symptoms that accompany low back pain, risk factors that exist in patients, and physical examination to be able to determine the exact diagnosis of a collection of symptoms. Additional tests can also help doctors diagnose, for example by ultrasound examination, x-rays, or CT scans.

After the diagnosis can be established then therapy can be determined. Keep in mind that antibiotics are only given in conditions of infection. For example if low back pain turns out to be caused by muscle spasms, antibiotic administration is not an exact indication.

To prevent recurring complaints, try to apply the following:

1. Exercising to strengthen the waist muscles
2. Do not lift heavy loads
3. Maintain ideal body weight
4. Do not smoke and do not consume alcohol
5. Meet your intake of calcium and vitamin D from natural foods
6. Increase drinking water intake of at least 2 liters per day
7. Reduce static activities for a long time

Do not hesitate to consult with a doctor if complaints of pain are felt to be more burdensome so that an evaluation of the current condition and plans for further treatment are in accordance with the final diagnosis.

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