How To Deal With Low Blood Pressure?

Illustration of How To Deal With Low Blood Pressure?
Illustration: How To Deal With Low Blood Pressure?

Hello. I want to ask. When yesterday maghrib, my blood pressure was 100/70. At 1 p.m. I checked again 95/70, this morning there was another tension that there had been no increase. Is this situation normal? Then what is the medicine to make me fit again?

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Hiptensi is human arterial blood pressure that is more than normal. Low blood pressure or hypotension can be known by checking blood pressure and calculating MAP (mean arterial pressure) with the formula MAP = diastolic + {1/3 x (systolic-diatolic)}. If the MAP calculation result is lower than 60 mmHg, so if you calculate the Map from your blood pressure examination results, the MAP with your 95/70 mmHg tension is 70+ {1/3 x (95-70)} = 78 mmHg. Thus, your blood pressure is still in normal and is not a hypotension.

With blood pressure, the heart is able to pump blood to meet the body's need for oxygen, nutrients and the metabolic system needed by your body's tissues. However, if your MAP pressure is below 60 mmHg, the body's ability to meet the needs of oxygen, nutrients in the blood and the body's metabolic system can be at risk of being disrupted.

Some of the initial complaints that often accompany patients with hypotension are:

Dizziness and or head spin
Weak body
A cold sweat.

If your blood pressure is still normal, but you feel complaints such as complaints of hypotension, then this may be caused by other conditions, such as:

Lack of sleep or often staying up late
Irregular eating
Stomach upset
Or are experiencing initial complaints of illness, such as early symptoms of flu or strep throat

Thus, it is important that you begin to identify possible triggers for complaints that you feel. If your blood pressure is normal, then identifying habits and food consumed and the burden of activity and activity habits will help prevent this complaint from recurring.

With the tension that you get from the results of this examination, then you can make several attempts to help your body recover, such as:

Avoid physical fatigue, if you are tired, rest
Hidnari sleeps late at night
Inadequate healthy and nutritious food
Enough water
Do light exercise or stretch to help restore your stamina and your body's system
Avoid spicy foods, packaged instant foods, or instant drinks, so that your digestion can work better at absorbing the nutrients you consume

However, if all your efforts have been made, but have not also provided a good recovery, then you should consider consulting your family doctor. The doctor will conduct an interview related to the complaint that you are feeling. Physical examination and support will be done to help ascertain the cause, so the results of the doctor's examination can be a reference to provide recommendations and treatments for you.

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