How To Deal With Miscarriage Without Curettage?

Hello, I want to ask r nTwo weeks ago I just had a miscarriage and came out so many clots and blood after that I had stomach cramps and dizziness and aching waist every day, after that I was bleeding for up to a week and after the bleeding I finished the test and the result was negative. r nDo I have to curry or not? r nHearing news from friends that the curette was sick, is there any other way besides being curated, can I drink the potion? Or pharmacy?

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Need to be clarified, have you ever seen a doctor or an obstetrician? Did the doctor say that you had a miscarriage? Or did you come to your own conclusions? How old was your pregnancy when you had a miscarriage?

A miscarriage is defined as the end of a pregnancy before the fetus can survive in the outside world, when the womb is less than 20 weeks old and the fetus weighs less than 500 grams. This condition can be motivated by abnormalities in the fetus (for example due to chromosomal abnormalities), abnormalities in the mother (for example due to uncontrolled hypertension or diabetes, injuries around the uterus, infection during pregnancy), environmental factors (for example due to exposure to toxins, radiation), and so on. .

A miscarriage can be observed clinically from a lot of vaginal bleeding, lumpy like flesh, accompanied by abdominal pain that is so severe that it goes to the lower back and genitals. However, this miscarriage needs to be confirmed through a direct examination by a doctor or obstetrician. Because, not all symptoms resembling a miscarriage will lead to the end of the pregnancy. Some other conditions that can also trigger bleeding and stomach cramps during pregnancy include imminent abortion (threat of miscarriage), implantation bleeding, ectopic pregnancy, wine pregnancy, and so on. Even a negative testpack does not always mean that the pregnancy has ended. It could also be that the test pack results are negative in pregnant women due to improper testpack procedures, or urine specimens that have been contaminated by bacteria and drugs.

We recommend that you first check your condition with a doctor or obstetrician. To confirm whether it is true that you have a miscarriage or not, the doctor can perform an ultrasound examination (ultrasound). This examination is also useful to detect the possibility of remaining tissue in the uterus. If the remaining tissue after a miscarriage is only a little, doctors can generally provide conservative treatment, namely by administering drugs while being observed. However, if there is sufficient tissue residue, then curettage will be recommended to minimize the risk of infection and prolonged bleeding after a potentially life-threatening miscarriage.

In the meantime, to reduce the stomach and waist cramps that you experience, you can first use a warm compress while getting plenty of rest. Avoid sexual intercourse first as long as there is blood coming out of the birth canal. Always live a healthy lifestyle, namely by sleeping regularly, not doing excessive activity, staying away from alcohol and cigarettes, and eating healthy and nutritious foods. We do not recommend that you take any drugs or ingredients carelessly unless your doctor prescribes them directly to you.

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