How To Deal With My Eyes?

Illustration of How To Deal With My Eyes?
Illustration: How To Deal With My Eyes?

Hi, I am 19 years old. NSo this way. At first my left eye was red but I ignored it. Then my left eye felt sore and watery. After 2 weeks my left eye was slightly blurry. What do you think about my left eye?

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Red eye is a sign of inflammation of the eye. The most common cause of red eye is conjunctivitis or inflammation of the lining of the eye. Conjunctivitis can occur due to infection and non-infection. The infectious agent in conjunctivitis can be viral or bacterial. Non-infectious conjugtivitis is often caused by allergies and eye irritation. Conjunctivitis with sore and watery eyes is usually a conjunctivitis due to viral allergies or allergic conjunctivitis. Conjunctivitis is limited to the white of the eye, so it does not cause blurry vision. Blurred vision can occur due to rubbing of the eye, the amount of water draining and blocking the view, or complications of conjunctivitis.

Other problems that cause red eye that cannot be removed include pterygium, inflammation of the cornea of ​​the eye (keratitis), and the entry of foreign bodies. Pterygium is caused by exposure to sunlight, dust, and wind to the eyes. Symptoms that appear other than red eyes include a slightly blurry vision, dry and itchy eyes, and a feeling of lump in the eye. Sometimes the eyes also feel hot. Keratitis causes symptoms of excessive glare when looking at light, feels like a foreign object is in the eye, and blurry vision. Keratitis usually occurs in people who wear contact lenses and are less clean when wearing or removing them. The entry of foreign objects in the eye can rub against the cornea of ​​the eye, so that the view can be disturbed. The eyes also become red due to irritation and water in the eye's attempt to expel the foreign object.

We recommend that you consult an eye doctor about this red eye problem. You will be asked for more details about your symptoms. The sharpness of your vision will be checked to determine if there is any visual disturbance. You will also be examined in person and using tools to determine the disturbance that is occurring. The doctor will then give the drug according to the results of the examination being carried out. Avoid rubbing or rubbing your eyes as this can make matters worse. Do not wear contact lenses while the eyes are still red.

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