How To Deal With Pain After A Cesarean Section?

Illustration of How To Deal With Pain After A Cesarean Section?
Illustration: How To Deal With Pain After A Cesarean Section?

What is the impact of a cesarean section. I am on the 14th of a cesarean section. At first I was afraid because my obstetrical age was 39 weeks 4 days when there was a collection of water, I did not know it was amniotic fluid or not. Before the doctor blg special doctor personal ultrasound can not be born normally on August 17, finally I was sentenced by a doctor obxyen bb my child 3.8 kg big afraid of drinking amniotic fluid with amniotic fluid left a little longer I insisted hard for normal. When I was the 12th it was I have been hospitalized because I have opened 2, I want to go home instead and detained 😭 I just want to wait for launching because I don’t feel stomach ache. Is my action wrong or is it right. I don’t want real surgery. When I am in my hospital I was given the opening injection but the opening wasn’t open waiting anymore, until the second injection was opened again, it turned out that the opening was 4 until I was waiting for an hourly reaction until 6 th. opening at the end of the opening 10 at night the last second my child invites a craze and there is no reaction my child even gave up on surgery 😭 but after the operation I bleed a lot? My Asi didn’t come out just a little, my child was fussy, she was overwhelmed. Is there any impact on me sitting carelessly let alone surgery? There is still a beat of the scar. Please help doctor

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Hello Princess Priscillia Tambunan,

Cesarean section is one method of giving birth to a baby by making incisions in the abdomen layer by layer to the uterus. Cesarean section can be planned in advance or can be emergency. There are many reasons / indications that the cesarean section is performed, including:

Fetal head disproportion
Fetal distress
Transverse fetal position
Multiple fetuses in positions that do not allow normal birth
Fetal abnormalities
Mothers with certain diseases such as cardiac abnormalities, severe preeclampsia, and so on
Placental abnormalities, such as placenta previa

Abruptio placenta
Fetal distress

Cesarean section is a relatively safe action in line with technological developments and techniques performed by cesarean operator. Some of the risks and complications that may occur in cesarean section are heavy bleeding, surgical site infections, blood clots in blood vessels, scar tissue in the uterus, trauma to surrounding organs (such as the bladder), and so forth. These risks and complications are minimized by a complete examination before surgery, the competence of an adequate obstetrician, the use of sterile surgical equipment, good cesarean delivery techniques, and so on.

After undergoing cesarean section, of course, complaints of pain are the most important. In addition, after a cesarean section, you will also continue to bleed from the vagina as after giving birth normally. The recovery period after a cesarean section is generally longer, which is 4-6 weeks. Here are some tips for post-cesarean section care:

Avoid activities too heavy, heavy lifting in the first weeks after surgery. Enough rest
Mobilization is still needed, for example sitting and walking. This is to help the movement of the intestine so that you do not experience constipation which then triggers straining and causes pain in the surgical wound
Keep the surgical wound covered by a bandage and the bandage clean and dry
Consume foods that are highly nutritious so that the wound heals quickly. Increase consumption of foods that contain protein and vitamin C

Watch for signs of danger such as high fever, severe abdominal pain and a very painful stomach to the touch, pus from the wound, a lot of blood from the vagina, can not urinate. Quickly check your condition with the nearest obstetrician. Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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