How To Deal With Pain And Itching When?

Illustration of How To Deal With Pain And Itching When?
Illustration: How To Deal With Pain And Itching When?

Good morning .. my ank is 4 years old, she is suffering from urinary stones … but on the other hand she does not have a fever, she only complains of pain and itching when she pees … what is the solution … thank you

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Complaints of pain and itching when urinating can be caused by several possible causes:

1. Urinary tract infections: the most common infections affecting the urinary tract are bacterial infections. This infection is caused by the habit of cleaning the area around the genitals from back to front, or often leaving the condition of the pubic area wet or moist. Complaints that appear in the form of pain and itching around the pubic area

2. Urinary stones: the presence of stones in the urinary tract will cause pain that disappears, pain when pee and sometimes when pee comes out with pee accompanied by sand

3. Infection of the penis: infection of the penis or balantitis is usually caused by bacteria, characterized by redness and swelling of the penis, pain when pee and sore

Patients with urinary tract stones, need to do an examination that can measure the size of the stone. If the stone is large, the action taken is surgery or if the stone is still small in size, it can be treated and destroyed.

In order to find out more about the causes, diagnosis and further treatment of the complaints that you experience, you should immediately consult directly with a urologist or a pediatric surgery specialist.

Prevention can be done:

1. Maintain cleanliness around the genitals

2. Reducing consumption of fatty foods and high cholesterol

3. Drink plenty of water at least 2L per day

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