How To Deal With Pain In People With Scoliosis?

Illustration of How To Deal With Pain In People With Scoliosis?
Illustration: How To Deal With Pain In People With Scoliosis?

Good morning, I have scoliosis when I am 20 years old and caught scoliosis around 11 years old, a few years ago the X-ray was over 60 degrees. don’t worry anymore. But lately the pain is getting more painful even not just the back but from the hands until the feet feel pain, can’t sleep because when compared to the left it hurts right when the pain hurts, right … how do I reduce the pain? Thank you

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Hello Sukmawati,

Scoliosis is a condition of the spine that curves to the side so that it looks like the letter S. This condition can cause symptoms depending on the severity of scoliosis such as asymmetrical shoulders and hips, back pain, shortness of breath, to heart problems in severe conditions.

According to the degree of curvature, scoliosis can be classified as follows:

Mild scoliosis: less than 20 degrees, observations are made
Moderate scoliosis: 20-40 degrees, observation, physiotherapy, use of braces
Scoliosis of more than 50 degrees is considered for surgery

Regarding your complaint, it should be done first if it is caused by scoliosis or other factors, for example body position errors, neurological disorders, osteoporosis, history of injury, spinal infection, and malignancy.

When was the last time you controlled scoliosis? I suggest that you control your back to the doctor who treats you so that you can be sure of your current condition of the spine and also the cause of complaints of back pain to the hands and feet that you experience. If necessary the doctor will re-radiate, CT scan, or MRI to calculate the slope of scoliosis. Furthermore, the doctor will provide more appropriate treatment for you.

While waiting to see a doctor, you can do the following tips:

Get enough rest
Take pain medication if necessary
Warm or cold compresses are more comfortable for you
Maintain body weight to be more ideal

Hope it helps you,

Thank you

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