How To Deal With Pain In The Knee Due To Falling?

Illustration of How To Deal With Pain In The Knee Due To Falling?
Illustration: How To Deal With Pain In The Knee Due To Falling?

I want to ask, I fell a year ago when I was dancing on stage, then my knee twitched so it was really swollen and I couldn’t move at all. a week later I brought it to the chiropractor and he was massaged, rather better. but like recurrent aches and pains. then I bring it to the massage specialist, it hurts more. until now like reciting myself. How do you deal with that?

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Hello Taee Poo,

Thank you for your question.

Swelling and can not be moved a joint can be caused by several factors, especially if preceded by trauma. Some of these include: bone dislocation or displacement of bones, fractures, fractures in bones or tearing of muscle ligaments.

The existence of trauma to the limbs or bone The first step that must be done is to do photo rongten. This serves to see whether there is interference with the bones, ligaments or just bruising the muscles. If there is a bone shift, it must be repositioned or rearranged, then ended with a x-ray again to see if the bone has returned to normal. If there is a fracture or crack in the bone, then a GIPS or PEN should be inserted, which requires a long healing time. Whereas if there is an injury to the ligament, surgery must be done to repair the damaged ligament.

It is said that you experience pain in the knee repeatedly, which is possible when there was a trauma in the past there was a bone or ligament that was damaged. Therefore, complaints of pain will often arise if you experience fatigue or limbs are often to do activities.

There are several things you can do to reduce these complaints, including:

 use the knee deck to keep the knee position stable compress with cold water if pain appears use muscl relaxant or menthol cream to reduce symptoms of painful limbs with a pillow do not use too many skeletal limbs If with these complaints can not reduce your symptoms feel, you can check yourself to the orthopedic doctor for further examination.

May be useful. Always healthy 😊

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