How To Deal With Pain When Treating Root Canals?

Illustration of How To Deal With Pain When Treating Root Canals?
Illustration: How To Deal With Pain When Treating Root Canals?

Morning, I want to ask, right now I’m in the treatment of root canal, it’s been 4 weeks, it happens that the doctor who used to handle me couldn’t be assigned to stage 5 because there was an assignment out of town, therefore the doctor before filed to proceed to another doctor, and last night I have done treatment for the fifth stage, which is filling and this doctor suggested next week to come to the doctor before and just stay closed and my question, why after filling my teeth, this morning I felt pain and nausea sirutan, is this pain normal or what, please enlighten me, thank you

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Hello Maii, thank you for asking

Root canal treatment for teeth is one of the treatments or treatments performed in the case of cavities. Tooth root canal treatment is intended to induce damage to the dental cavity and treat infection and decay in the tooth area

The root canal of this tooth is a cavity that is in the middle of the tooth that contains blood vessels and nerves. Therefore this section is the most sensitive to pain and stimulation to heat or cold temperatures.

The doctor will perform root canal treatment in accordance with the indications that occur in your teeth. This treatment often needs to be done many times depending on the condition of tooth decay that occurs. Therefore patience and discipline are needed to complete the treatment.

When performing root canal treatment, the effects of pain often occur. Usually this is a natural condition. Pain and sensitivity in your teeth that arise when treatment can be overcome by taking anti-inflammatory drugs, such as ibuprofen. Or consumption of pain medications that have been given by your dental doctor.

And for further control back in accordance with your doctor's recommendations for further evaluation. And if the infection reappears after you have taken root canal treatment, treatment can be repeated again to cure the infection. And you don't need to worry too much because most patients undergoing root canal treatment have a cure and don't have a re-infection, but you have good oral hygiene.

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