How To Deal With People Who Are Depressed?

Illustration of How To Deal With People Who Are Depressed?
Illustration: How To Deal With People Who Are Depressed?

Tonight, I have a friend who seems depressed, for a long time I often do my best to help him. However, he never recovered from his depression and even worse. He became sick often, could not sleep (insomnia), and his eyes were always swollen. Now his attitude is getting worse. When I approached it he just kept quiet and responded to me with the phrase “I’m sleepy” or “I need some time to myself”. And I can’t do anything anymore. So, I just said “If it’s better, just tell me.” So, I have heard the story. And apparently in school he was depressed and also at home. At school it seems that he feels threatened that his ranking will go down and he can’t get any more appreciation from the teacher. At home it seems he has economic problems that might make him stress at home. So, I was confused about how to respond. Honestly, I’m already a little tired because I and my other friend are often blamed for things that are not our fault and we try to stay patient. So, please advise the best and also, if it is recommended to do the treatment as I said before, his family is in economic problems And for the medicine problems it is not good for him because he is still sitting on junior high school that can interfere with the development of his brain and others. I will be very grateful if statement. With all my heart I thank you if you can help my friend in the problems he faces. thanks. . .

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Depression is a disorder of feeling characterized by extreme sadness, feeling useless or feeling hopeless, where the feeling has been going on for 2 weeks or more. This condition causes disruption to the daily life of sufferers.
You never feel tired so ignore it. Because if the condition of your friend is left alone, it can cause a sense of wanting to hurt yourself or kill yourself. In this case, it is very necessary the role of family and other closest people.
The first step you can take is to invite and accompany him to consult with a psychiatrist. Economic hardship is not a reason for not being able to go to the Mental Hospital. You can help him arrange a free health insurance letter. Or you and your other friends can also help pay for the consultation, so that funding becomes lighter, convey the economic problems faced by your friend to the doctor, the doctor will free the consultation fee. The most important thing for now is to bring your friend in consultation with a psychiatrist. You also don't need to worry about drugs that you think can cause damage to your friend's brain cells. Because there is a psychiatric drug that is safe for children so it does not interfere with the process of thinking and learning. The doctor will choose the best medicine. However, the most important thing is the control of taking medication so that it can be done regularly. In this case his family's support is very necessary. In addition to mental medicines, the doctor will also give and guide your friends through psychotherapy, namely cognitive behavioral therapy and meditation.
Meanwhile, you teach your friends to relax the mind by taking a deep breath and then exhale slowly. Do it repeatedly while sitting relaxed. You can also invite her to join the yoga team or you and your friends teach her to do yoga. You can yoga regularly.
Thus hopefully useful.

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