How To Deal With People Who Have Nosebleeds And Vomiting Blood At The Same Time?

Illustration of How To Deal With People Who Have Nosebleeds And Vomiting Blood At The Same Time?
Illustration: How To Deal With People Who Have Nosebleeds And Vomiting Blood At The Same Time?

introduce me lia, my friend has spinal cancer and when the pain recurs, it always spreads to the head and chest, feels tight, always nosebleeds and vomits blood simultaneously, well what I ask is how to treat the nosebleed and vomiting blood to stop and doesn’t keep happening?

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Hello Lia

Thank you for the question.

Spinal cancer is a change in normal to abnormal cells in the spine. Spinal cancer is primary or originates from the spine itself, or is secondary, which means it originates from cancer in other organs and has spread to the spine.

The human spine functions as:

as an enforcer of the body to protect the nerves in the spine to produce red blood cells, platelets, and white blood cells. Symptoms of spinal cancer are also related to its function for the body, including:

severe pain, weakness or paralysis, unable to hold urine or defecate bleeding shortness of breath if it has spread to the lungs the bones become brittle So, in the case of your friend, experiencing nosebleeds and vomiting blood are things that can happen to people with spinal cancer .

Treatments for spinal cancer include:

overcoming the pain of surgical radiotherapy combined radiotherapy with surgery Regarding the bleeding experienced, it is difficult to stop it because the cause is cancer that has already hit the spine or spinal cancer itself. We recommend that you consult this with a specialist who treats it. Cancer patients will usually be treated jointly by a team of doctors consisting of: Neurosurgeons, Internal Medicine Doctors, and Psychiatrists.

That is the explanation I can give, hopefully it can answer the question.


dr. Kresnawati Wahyu Setiono

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