How To Deal With Phlegm (mucus) That Won’t Come Out?

Illustration of How To Deal With Phlegm (mucus) That Won’t Come Out?
Illustration: How To Deal With Phlegm (mucus) That Won’t Come Out?

Doctor’s permission r nI want to ask, if the phlegm is thick, clear, nasal congestion, the phlegm is hard to come out, tired, and it makes me uncomfortable, but I don’t cough, r nWhat is the doctor’s opinion?

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Sputum is mucus that comes out of the respiratory tract. Mucus is a thick liquid that is produced by special cells called goblet cells which are generally found in the respiratory tract, digestive tract and reproductive organs. This mucus has several roles in the respiratory tract, namely as a defense system, as a moisturizer, as a coating, etc. Overproduction of mucus can occur as a result of a foreign object entering the respiratory tract or irritation of the respiratory tract (for example due to pollution or infection). Excess mucus will then try to be removed from the respiratory tract via cilia (fine hairs) which move to push the mucus out and a coughing response.

Mucus is generally clear or white. Mucus that is yellow or green usually indicates an infection. Red mucus usually indicates the presence of blood.

The thick mucus can be caused by several factors such as:

- a dry air environment, for example in an air-conditioned room

- drink less water

- smoking

- certain drugs

You can consult a pulmonary specialist directly about the complaints you are experiencing. The doctor will perform several examinations that are deemed necessary and will provide appropriate treatment.

Some of the things you might be able to do at this time include:

- drink enough water

- avoid exposure to cigarettes and smoke

- avoid prolonged exposure to the air conditioner

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