How To Deal With Pink Bumps On The Knees So As Not To Enlarge?

Illustration of How To Deal With Pink Bumps On The Knees So As Not To Enlarge?
Illustration: How To Deal With Pink Bumps On The Knees So As Not To Enlarge?

Morning, two weeks ago I was injured and then treated at home using an ointment and now my wound is kneeling and my hands are dry but around my knees a red bump arises easily. the lump, I suspect this is a keloid, but my family does not have a keloid gene and I have several wounds that never appear like that, if this keloid can be injected immediately when the keloid is still small “? If there is no way what can be done so not enlarged and deflated? Please explain, thank you

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Good afternoon. Thank you for asking

The condition for the appearance of a lump after an injury can be related, the condition that may occur is

Scar hypertrophic is a lump that appears on the part where the scar occurred, this is scar tissue and usually will not expand but only on the part of the wound that occurs.
Keloids are scar tissue that appears to be more than the extent of the scar in some conditions can be accompanied by itching or discomfort
Accompanying skin infections can appear in the form of inflammation of the red, accompanied by pain and itching usually can be accompanied by the appearance of pus under the skin. In this condition, the lump will look red, feel hot, and feel painful.

To ensure the condition that you experience, you should consult yourself with your doctor, especially a dermatologist so that you can know the cause of what you are experiencing. To relieve and overcome some of the things Ana can do is

Avoid scratching the scar
Keep clean to prevent continuity of infection
Avoid direct sun exposure so darkening or hyperpigmentation can be avoided more

If there is a rapid enlargement, accompanied by bleeding should immediately take it to the doctor because it is considered that a handler needs fast or malignancy.

Further information in the following article

Thus the information that I can convey. May be useful

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