How To Deal With Post-bone Pain Pain?

Illustration of How To Deal With Post-bone Pain Pain?
Illustration: How To Deal With Post-bone Pain Pain?

, 2 weeks ago my grandmother had a wrist fracture because of a fracture. In the morning my grandmother just looks good. However, every night my grandmother complained of pain. That’s why and how to overcome it?

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Surgery in cases of fractures is one of the efforts made to help the recovery and prevention of complications from fractures that occur. So with this surgery, it is expected to minimize the risk of impaired joint, muscle function, and bone dysfunction due to fractures that occur, especially in the wrist area. Because if the wrist fracture is not handled properly, then the risk of muscle strength and joint movement will cause daily activities to be disrupted.
However, fracture surgery can also cause side effects after surgery, which are:
1. pain
2. bleeding
3. muscle rigidity
4. infection
5. shortening of bone length

6. irritation to nerve injury
And with medical action taken, it is hoped that the side effects of surgery can be minimized and complications due to fractures also narrowed.
In connection with your question, there are complaints of pain in the wrist area after a fracture and after a fracture surgery, it may be a painful course that can be experienced by patients due to side effects of fractures, surgery and in the recovery period (where the recovery period can last around 6 week or more). Therefore, this pain complaint can be helped by continuing the medicine prescribed by the surgeon or placing the hands and wrists in a comfortable position so that pain complaints are reduced such as by giving a support for the forearm and wrist. However, if the medicine from the surgeon has run out and / or complaints of no pain does not improve by relaxing the position of the forearm and wrist, then you should advise your grandmother to return to consult the doctor who treated her.
By visiting her doctor again, the doctor can confirm the clinical condition of your grandmother after 2 weeks of surgery and provide the necessary treatment fiber treatment. Thus, this complaint will immediately improve and not interfere at night or evening.
For now, it is better if the hands in the operating area do not carry out any activities that burden the muscles and joints, so that complaints of pain do not increase.
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