How To Deal With Preauricular Sinus In Infants Aged 9 Months?

My 9-month-old son has a preauciular sinus in his nose … often the contents are out how to deal with it

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Pre-auricular sinus is one of the birth defects that can be marked with a hollow or hole like a dimple which is often located in the ear cartilage that is connected to the face (the frontier of the upper helical arch) --- not in the nose. This condition is thought to occur due to abnormalities in the process of the formation of the auricle (at the age of 6 weeks), where the hiloks fail to fuse perfectly. If it does not cause complaints, often this pre-auricular sinus is not dangerous. However, this pre-auricular sinus is susceptible to infection so that it can swell, feel pain, suppurate, and spread unpleasant odors. In addition, the presence of pre-auricular sinus was also allegedly able to facilitate a child's ear infection, hearing loss, and kidney disorders, so it needs to get proper treatment.

Need to be clarified, is it true that your child has pre-auricular sinus? What was the exact complaint he had on his nose? Or, does the complaint actually appear in his ear?

Given your ambiguous information, we recommend that you consult your child directly to the doctor or pediatrician for further monitoring. If it is true that your child has an infected preauricular sinus, the doctor can then give him several types of medication or also perform surgery. At this time, you only need to clean the liquid that comes out with clean gauze moistened with intravenous fluids (NaCl). Also take care of your child's body so that it is always clean and not moist, and often breastfeed it. Breast milk is supplemented by nutritious MPASI so it does not easily become infected.

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