How To Deal With Prolonged Swollen Gums?

Illustration of How To Deal With Prolonged Swollen Gums?
Illustration: How To Deal With Prolonged Swollen Gums?

Thank you in advance for taking the time to reply to my complaint. I have had more than a week of swelling in the gums of my molar teeth that protrude into my cheeks. (My molars are completely hollow) r nI have seen a general practitioner twice, always given inflammation medicine, antibiotics, and pain relievers, but nothing changes. Do I have to immediately take action treatment at the dentist, or go to a general practitioner until my swelling heals? Thank you for your attention

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Hello Dawn, Thank you for the question.

The causes of swollen gums are so diverse that you must first find out the cause so that you receive proper treatment. Swollen gums can be caused by:

gingivitis abscess tooth periodontitis lack of vitamin C side effects of drugs If you are already taking medication from a general practitioner and do not show improvement in symptoms, you should consult a dentist directly who is more competent in dealing with dental health problems. The doctor needs to do a direct examination of your teeth. If necessary, the doctor will recommend X-rays of the teeth to find the cause. Further treatment will be given / carried out by the dentist in accordance with the conditions you are experiencing. Don't forget to tell the dentist about the drugs you have taken before.

You can do a warm compress on the swollen cheek area. Please take paracetamol or pain relievers from your doctor if you experience toothache. Don't forget to keep your teeth clean by brushing your teeth regularly, being careful when rubbing the swollen gum area.

Hope this information helps you.

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