How To Deal With Recurrence Of Urinary Tract Infections?

Illustration of How To Deal With Recurrence Of Urinary Tract Infections?
Illustration: How To Deal With Recurrence Of Urinary Tract Infections?

Good morning, I am a career woman aged 23 years and not married. If menstruation comes, I always feel unbearable pain to disrupt activities. And now it’s day 6 .. Previously when menstruation on day 4, I could not stand it. Until now when I walk, it is not upright and also cannot sit for too long as usual because of the pain and pain that I experienced and finally I checked into the health center. According to me I experienced gout with the number 7.7, deep hemorrhoids and ulcers. Because I was curious, want to know more. Finally, tomorrow night I went to the health facilities 1 doctor and I told him the results of the puskesmas examination and according to him my ISK also relapsed again. Finally I concluded that at the same time I was UTI, hemorrhoid in gout and ulcer. And I asked for a doctor’s letter, only given permission 2 days. While on day 3 after treatment, my pain has not yet disappeared. Do I have to follow the conditions of the permit and return to work? My work situation in the field and not knowing the clock, Because at this time I was always haunted by fear related to the uterus and weak uterus if later I get pregnant in the future. because of the many illnesses that I’m experiencing right now. Please enlighten me, doctor 🙏🙏🙏

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Pain in excessive menstruation is one of the menstrual disorders known as dysmenorrhea. This pain can be described as muscle cramps in the lower abdomen that can spread to the back and thighs. Pain in menstruation arises due to contraction of the uterine muscles that press against the surrounding blood vessels so that it disrupts oxygen supply and causes a sensation of pain. Some of the causes of excessive menstrual pain are abnormalities in the tissue around the uterus / cervix, the use of contraceptives such as an IUD, pelvic inflammatory disease / infection of the female reproductive organs.

Urinary tract infection (UTI) is a disease that affects the urinary tract of the kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra. However, this condition is more often experienced by women and affects the bladder and urethra. Keep in mind that this condition can occur repeatedly, this can be prevented by maintaining urinary tract hygiene, avoiding defecating from behind to the front, avoiding holding urinating, consuming drinking water regularly according to daily needs. In general, UTIs are caused by bacteria so antibiotics become one of the treatments in UTIs. Antibiotic treatment regimens should be followed to completion and avoid stopping / changing the treatment regimen yourself without doctor's instructions. So far there has been no connection with UTI and the condition of the strength of the uterus to conceive children, but UTI needs to be prevented and treated properly to avoid complications.

If after treatment the pain still persists, further pain should be explored in which part is still disturbing, whether your menstrual pain, pain due to gastritis, pain in the joints due to gout, or pain during urination that can be caused by UTI. What you can do is maintain a healthy diet, drink well and regularly, avoid spicy, sour foods, often eat foods such as nuts, avoid caffeine consumption, and exercise regular control of your condition.

For more information on menstrual pain, you can access this link. For more information about urinary tract infections, you can access this link. If menstrual pain does not improve, feels heavy and very painful or there are menstrual abnormalities, want to assess the condition of the uterus and information about pregnancy can consult an obstetrician regarding your condition.

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