How To Deal With Red Eyelids Due To Incoming Eyelashes?

Illustration of How To Deal With Red Eyelids Due To Incoming Eyelashes?
Illustration: How To Deal With Red Eyelids Due To Incoming Eyelashes?

Good afternoon,. A few days ago, my eyes felt lumped. It turned out that there were eyelashes that entered my Belgian eyes below. After I took the eyelashes, my lower eyelids became red, redder than my left lower eyelid. It also feels still prop and sore, ,. I wonder what is the right handling ,? I have been taking eye drops and it feels more sore

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eyelashes that enter the bottom of the eye can be caused by several possibilities:

1. Trichasis: eyelashes that grow to not like the position it should be like growing into the inside, causing irritation in the eyes

2. Entropion: eyelashes grow in the direction of the eyelid

3. Intense hordeolum: a lump in the area around the eyelid that causes the eyelashes to enter the eye

to find out more about the causes, diagnosis and treatment that you experience, you should immediately consult an ophthalmologist. What can be done temporarily is by administering artificial tear drops that can be purchased at the nearest pharmacy.

prevention can be done:

1. Do not rub your eyes

2. Using a helmet that has a glass cover the eyes when driving a motorcycle

3. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight

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