How To Deal With Red Spots On The Cheeks Of Children?

Illustration of How To Deal With Red Spots On The Cheeks Of Children?
Illustration: How To Deal With Red Spots On The Cheeks Of Children?

Hello dokI want to ask my son’s cheeks there are red spots “people say they are affected by breast milk so that they can disappear in love what do you do Thank you 😊

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Red spots on a baby's skin can be caused by many possibilities, here are some of them:

baby acne or neonatal acne, which arises because of the hormonal influence of the mother during pregnancy and breastfeeding
saliva rash
miliaria or prickly heat
eczema or atopic dermatitis
cradle cap or seborrheic dermatitis in infants
impetigo or bacterial infection of the skin
other infectious diseases such as fifth disease or slap cheek fever, meningitis

Basically breast milk will not cause rashes on the skin. The condition that is often referred to as milk rash, is actually atopic dermatitis. However, it must always be ascertained beforehand the cause of the rash on your child's cheek so that the best treatment for your child can be known.

Treatment for the conditions above can vary. Conditions such as baby acne, salivary rashes, or miliaria do not require any therapy. Atopic dermatitis or mild seborrheic dermatitis also do not require treatment with medication. If the rash is seen festering, yellowish discharge such as honey, looks scaly / crusted, the child has other symptoms such as fever, the child becomes unwilling to drink, sleep continuously, or you find other symptoms that are worrying, you should immediately take the child to the doctor child.

If there are no dangerous symptoms mentioned above, here are some things you can do:

Clean your child's cheeks with warm water and mild baby soap every time you take a bath. Choose a soap that does not contain fragrance so as not to irritate the baby's skin further
Clean the baby's cheeks and neck with warm water and a soft towel if the baby is still salivating frequently or if the baby has spit up
Give a special baby moisturizer, especially after a baby shower or after you clean the skin with water

If indeed the baby feels uncomfortable with the rash on his cheek (babies often rub their cheeks with their hands or if the rash often bleeds because they are accidentally scratched), take your baby to the pediatrician so that he can be examined and provide further therapy. Do not apply certain drugs to the child's cheek (especially those classified as hard drugs or drugs labeled with red circles) before consulting a doctor directly.

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