How To Deal With Retinal Thinning?

Illustration of How To Deal With Retinal Thinning?
Illustration: How To Deal With Retinal Thinning?

I have been to a retina ophthalmologist, after being examined by the retina I was told that my left eye’s retina was already thin but not yet torn. with the doctor they were recommended to do laser action that thinned left eye retina. What I want to ask is: 1. After the retina has been lasered in my left eye, Will my eyes be dark for a moment or is only the left eye on the laser darkened? 2. What is the success rate of the eye’s retinal laser? 3. Has anyone ever failed after being lasered, resulting in blindness? 4. Can a diabetic sufferer get a retina dilaser ?? 5. Are there certain medications or vitamins to treat retinal depletion? Thank you for your time and answers.

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Hello Jonny Tan Sengkiong,

The retina is a light-sensitive thin layer on the back of the eyeball. This layer serves to capture the shadow of the object we see. Disturbances in the retina can cause vision problems that are complained of blurred vision, there are dark parts that cover the field of view, or appear to be floating spots when looking.

Retinal thinning can occur spontaneously or be related to other conditions such as in people with myopia (high minus), lattice degeneration, and can also occur in patients with diabetes mellitus. Thinning areas can occur at the edges of the retina or can also be around the macula (which is the point where light is focused). People with thin retinas have a risk for retinal detachment / retinal detachment (removal of the sensory retinal layer from the retinal pigment epithelial layer) or retinal tear / tear that can cause significant vision loss to blindness. Detachment conditions and tear require immediate surgical treatment. The actions needed include complex procedures and a combination of various procedures, such as vitrectomy, scleral buckle, retinopexy, and so on.

Laser action in the condition of retinal thinning (retinal thinning) is needed to reduce the risk of retinal detachment. The laser procedure can be performed in a local clinic with an anesthetic drop on the eye. Lasers that are shot through the instrument will aim at certain points usually surrounding the area of ​​the retina that is thinning. The laser will do photocoagulation, "damage" the retinal tissue so that tissue death occurs in that part. When the network is dead, its function will be neglected so as to prevent tears from happening in the area. If a tear or detachment occurs, it can pull the part of the retina on the other side and will have a worse effect on vision than the act of "damaging" the tissue around the retina that was thin earlier.

Laser can be done on patients with diabetes mellitus as long as the patient's blood sugar levels are normal. Some retinal abnormalities that occur in patients with diabetes mellitus can be treated with laser. Complications from laser action are bleeding or inflammation, but the percentage is very small.

There is no treatment or supplement that has been proven effective in preventing retinal depletion, because the absorption of drops in the front of the eye is difficult to penetrate into the back of the eye and the medicine taken is only a small dose that can enter blood circulation to the retina.

Thus the explanation from me, may be useful.

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