How To Deal With Rigid Bodies During Sleep And Difficulty Moving?

Illustration of How To Deal With Rigid Bodies During Sleep And Difficulty Moving?
Illustration: How To Deal With Rigid Bodies During Sleep And Difficulty Moving?

Good afternoon, I am wayan pujawan I want to ask at the time of sleep I often stiff body suddenly and difficult to move even difficult breathing, usually I fight it hard so that I can wake up and when I wake up very tired at all .. what is this disease and how to overcome it ..? Thank you for being held captive

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Rigid body is a complaint that describes the existence of ranagka muscle tension in certain conditions. This muscle tension can be caused by several things, such as muscle fatigue, inflammatory processes, infections, metabolic disorders, psychological patients or due to abnormalities or disorders of the nervous system. This stiffness can also be accompanied by comorbid complaints in the form of headaches, dizziness, nausea, indigestion or fever. So it is necessary to evaluate and examine directly by the doctor to determine the general condition of patients with rigid body complaints.

In connection with your question, if you feel a sudden stiffness in your body it could possibly be caused by your muscle tension. Under certain conditions this muscle tension can also occur in the form of muscle cramps. During muscle cramps, complaints of pain or tension and difficulty in moving can also be felt. Due to enduring muscle pain or stiffness, sometimes the patient is restless or anxious, which can cause breathing problems to be disrupted or uncomfortable breathing.

Some of the conditions below can trigger this complaint, such as;

Lack of sleep
Too much coffee consumption
Physical fatigue
Heavy activities, such as climbing or working hard

Because the complaint you feel is still general and has not provided more detailed information, it is necessary to conduct a direct examination of your general health condition by your family doctor or neurologist, so that the doctor can carry out a direct examination and plan the necessary investigations, such as blood tests, X-ray examination or examination of the central nervous system. Thus, clinical information obtained will be more complete and help determine the cause of this complaint.

For now, you should avoid physical fatigue, idealize weight, avoid stress, and meet your water needs.

Thus the info we can convey.

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