How To Deal With Rocking Teeth?

Hello, I am 22 years old, and I still have baby teeth in front and permanent teeth have also grown behind them. Earlier, her milk teeth faltered, brushed and immediately shook, if I pulled out the milk teeth, would the permanent teeth be able to advance or should be stirrup later? Thanks

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Good morning, thanks for asking at Each person has two sets of teeth, the first is milk teeth and the second is permanent teeth. Milk teeth grow first and one by one will be replaced by permanent teeth. If the baby teeth are not dated, then the choice is permanent teeth will grow in another place, or not grow at all. What is clear when the age of permanent tooth growth has passed, even though the milk teeth are dated, permanent teeth will not replace them. So if for example there is an 44-year-old adult whose canine teeth fall out, even though he still has permanent teeth, those teeth won't grow.

In your case, your permanent teeth have grown, which in the presence of them growing behind the milk teeth, means that the growth is not neat because there is no space. So that if you pull out your teeth, permanent teeth will not just shift, there will be an empty space in the place that had been filled with milk teeth.

Responding to this, if your permanent teeth have fully grown, then maybe teeth can be trimmed using braces. But if it only comes out partially, for example, only the tip of its teeth, braces cannot 'pull' the tooth out and smooth its position. So, if it has to be pulled out and replaced, it will be replaced with a dental crown, dentures, implant teeth, or keep using braces but other teeth will shift.

Our advice, check with your dentist, so this can be confirmed through a direct examination. Thus, misunderstandings can be avoided and the handling given to you can be more precise. You can also discuss with your doctor which choices you want to live. So, hopefully answering your question.

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