How To Deal With Self-harming Actions?

Illustration of How To Deal With Self-harming Actions?
Illustration: How To Deal With Self-harming Actions?

how do you overcome self harm?

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Hello KartikaCandar, Thank you for the question.

The act of hurting yourself is not an action that can be overcome alone at home and requires professional help from a psychologist or psychiatrist. This action is often a part of a certain mental health disorder, which can be triggered by traumatic events in the past, high levels of psychological stress, socioeconomic conditions, and several other factors. Do you experience other symptoms? This condition can be caused by a number of the following medical conditions:

 borderline personality disorder depression anxiety disorder schizophrenia The best step now is to consult further with a psychologist or psychiatrist. Further interviews are needed to find out other symptoms you are experiencing and understand your condition. From this information, a psychologist or psychiatrist can determine the appropriate treatment for your condition, which can be psychological therapy or medication. For now, please try the following suggestions:

 always rest by consuming enough nutritious food regularly and sufficient consumption of water try to always be with other people busy yourself with positive activities such as exercising regularly or doing your hobbies telling people closest to you about what you think or feel to alleviate psychological stress avoid the environment or association that has a negative impact avoiding smoking and consuming alcoholic beverages following yoga or meditation Hopefully this information helps you.

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