How To Deal With Sexual Disorders

Illustration of How To Deal With Sexual Disorders
Illustration: How To Deal With Sexual Disorders

Hello, I want a little story about my brother. My brother is a man, he has been married for 8 years and already has children. But 2 years later, he often told me that his sexual arousal decreased. However, his sexual arousal increases when he always imagines his wife having sex with other men. And it has been communicated to his wife to occasionally fulfill his requests to deal with other men. Please explain from the doctor, how to cure my brother? Because I, as a sister, am very sorry and sad about that. Thank you

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The condition of sexual deviation is a disturbance in sexual attraction where this will usually occur due to interference with mental disorders. Usually this is related to

The concept of sexual self is the way to express sexuality
Gender identity is a view of gender
Sexual orientation is joy when having sex
Body image is a view of the body's appearance

The condition for having sex together can be either

Triolism is satisfaction when having sex with more than 2 people
Voyeurism is sexual satisfaction when seeing other people engaging in sexual activity

This is a disorder that needs to be treated with a psychiatrist, some of the things that might be done are

Support from a partner to be able to be friends to talk about problems
Avoid anxiety
If there is a trauma you should tell the closest person

Thus information may be useful

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