How To Deal With Sick Children’s Ears?

Illustration of How To Deal With Sick Children’s Ears?
Illustration: How To Deal With Sick Children’s Ears?

At night, I had a child who was sick in his ear, had already taken medication, but a year later he was sick again, draining fluid from his ears, then treated again. I have been treated 3 times in 2 different places, all of them are special, my child is still sick. If I let me be afraid my ears will hurt my brain or become deaf. Please advise if you have to operate, how is the best. I’m afraid he has antibiotic thx. 7 years old he was sick since 3.5 years

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Hello, good night Mrs. Dewi ...

What is experienced by your child can be caused by several possibilities, including:

Chronic suppurative otitis media (CSOM), which is a recurrent and chronic inflammation of the middle ear due to infection, which is usually triggered by upper respiratory infections such as coughs and colds that often recur. The upper respiratory tract and the inner ear canal are connected by a tube called the eustachian tube. In children, especially infants and toddlers, this tube tends to be wider and sloping, making it easier to transfer infection from the airways to the middle ear, which is why this condition is more often experienced by children. This condition can be repeated again (up to 5 to 6 times a year) due to several triggers, such as
children experience allergies in their airways, causing frequent coughs and colds
neighborhoods that are often exposed to cigarette smoke, this causes a weakening of the child's airway defense system, so that children are often exposed to coughs and colds
children often drink from a milk bottle in a reclining position

Recurrent effusion otitis media

Otitis externa (inflammation of the external ear) recurs

We are not able to ascertain what conditions are experienced by your child, because we do not examine your child directly, and thus we also cannot estimate whether your child should indeed be operated on or not. Often the infection or inflammation of the ear can heal on its own without any treatment, but in conditions where complaints do not go away, the use of antibiotics is recommended. If after the use of antibiotics the complaint does not also improve, then the operative procedure in the form of discharge in the back of the eardrum through a small incision (myringotomy) can be done. After the eardrum is slashed, a small tube will be installed to keep the middle ear cavity dry. If the installation of a small tube is not able to prevent middle ear infections, then your doctor may consider removing the glands in the airways called the adenoid glands, to prevent infections from spreading from the airways to the eustachian tube.

We strongly recommend that you re-check your child with an ENT specialist to get a definite diagnosis and treatment. Here are some suggestions that we can give to prevent future infections from recurring:

influenza and PCV vaccination for children and other family members, this is to reduce the frequency of respiratory tract infections, and thus is expected to reduce the recurrence of ear infections
teach children and other family members to always keep their hands clean by washing their hands frequently with clean water and soap. Washing hands can help spread germs, including germs that cause upper respiratory and ear infections.
Avoid exposure to cigarette smoke
Avoid drinking water with a bottle in a reclining position
Avoid contact with other people / children who are sick

That's all, hopefully it helps ..

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