How To Deal With Skin Allergies?

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amu’alaikum doctor, sorry in advance. My name is ifa, 18 years old, doctor, recently I have an allergy to my skin, this is the first time like this allergy. The allergy is like the root of a doctor’s tree, it’s really wide, it’s not full body, but it’s usually on the hands, on the body, on the feet. The time is not certain, it just suddenly comes. How is that, doctor, please explain and ask for a solution. Thank you doctor. Thank you

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The presence of allergy complaints that you feel in the form of lots of bumps or maybe even spreading on your body may be triggered by food allergies, drugs or also triggered by the stress of the mind that we have experienced for some time.

Complaints of itching, elevation of the skin surface, fever, itching recurrence and disturbances in activities due to complaints of itching can affect your productivity. So if this complaint often recurs, the steps you can take are to remember the trigger for this complaint, at what time this complaint recurs, or after consuming what this complaint appears, thus, by evaluating your habits before the itching complaint appears, you can solve this complaint. prevent by avoiding the trigger factors of this complaint.

However, if this complaint is getting annoying, you can consult your family doctor or a dermatologist for an examination and evaluation of the complaints you feel. Doctors can arrange allergy tests if needed to find out the triggers of allergies. Treatment and treatment will be given according to the results of the examination obtained.

What you need to do now is:

1. take care and pay attention to the types of food and drinks that may be at risk for you

2. Compress with warm water on the itchy area, or soak in warm water

3. Use over-the-counter itching lotion powder

4. Take a break from all strenuous activities

5. avoid stress

That's the information we can convey, read also biduran.

dr. Ulfi

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