How To Deal With Small Bumps On The Cheeks Does Not Hurt But Annoying?

Illustration of How To Deal With Small Bumps On The Cheeks Does Not Hurt But Annoying?
Illustration: How To Deal With Small Bumps On The Cheeks Does Not Hurt But Annoying?

Hello. Ririn. I’m 23 years old. I want it. Under my right cheek, I have a small bump. Jdi as if cheated on my harsh but not sick. At the beginning, I felt like I was not. But not too long ago the missing bump. Even though I already gave honey. Olive oil too. Because I think it’s going to disappear like that. But in fact it was not. That’s why y? Then is there a smpingyna effect? And how do you handle it? Jjur I feel disturbed x even though it doesn’t hurt or itch like that.

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Hello Ririn, thank you for consulting with the team of doctors at

Previously, was the reddish bump? And do these bumps grow in large numbers in the area of ​​your face?

Bent bumps or bumps that arise on the cheeks can basically be included in several ways:

acne / acne papilloma / wart cyst (a bag that contains liquid) Lipoma (a bag that contains fat) and so forth. Although everything can happen and grow on the cheek, the most common percentage is acne. While acne has several types, including:

acne vulgaris white head / blackhead white black head / blackhead blackheads papules / blackheads with active inflammation pusutule / acne that is inflamed and there are pus nodules / acne that are inflamed and palpable lumps of cysts To ascertain what skin abnormalities you are complaining about, certainly cannot be ensured just like that without direct inspection. So our suggestion is to consult your existing complaints to the dermatologist for further examination by him. When the cause of the skin disorder is known, the treatment will be appropriate and your skin repair will occur. Improper handling done by yourself, either with drugs, cream or by squeezing with no attention to the sterility of tools and hands will only worsen the condition of your skin disorders, so it is better to be treated and handled by experts, namely dermatologists.

While all you need to do so that the bumps don't get bigger and bigger are:

Keep your face clean by washing your face 2 times a day. Washing your face too often will only adversely affect the health and moisture of the skin, avoid holding hands directly with dirty hands / not washing hands with soap first, eat less foods that contain lots of fat and coconut milk, choose foods that contain lots of fiber such as fruits and vegetables eat less food / drink drinks that are too sweet avoid excess stress just rest at least 6 hours a day avoid staying up late and drink coffee use facial soap and skin care that matches your skin. So that we can convey, hopefully useful. Thanks.

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