How To Deal With Social Phobia That Is Getting Worse?

Illustration of How To Deal With Social Phobia That Is Getting Worse?
Illustration: How To Deal With Social Phobia That Is Getting Worse?

Hello. It has been almost 3 years that I have had a u003cem u003esocial anxiety disorder / social phobia. U003c / em u003e I feel nervous during school presentations, talk to new people / in front of large crowds, and am in a high density. Usually my body feels very cold, has abdominal pain, shortness of breath, and sweaty hands. This bothers me a lot because even calling friends or family members I feel anxious. My social anxiety was also followed by dysthymia. I’ve wanted to consult a psychiatrist for a long time, but when I asked my parents for support and help, my parents didn’t believe it. Is there any way I can do to get rid of these two diseases?

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Hi Billybil,

Social anxiety disorder or social phobia, is a condition in which a person experiences a fear of social interaction, with many people, generally because of fear and anxiety being judged negatively or being rejected by others.

Symptoms can be like what you experienced above, cold body, stomach pain, shortness of breath, sweating, palpitations, nausea, etc.

Dysthymia, which is a prolonged depression, is different from the social phobia above.

You need to consult regularly with a psychologist and psychiatrist to solve this problem. You also need to be clearer about the diagnosis you are experiencing and what treatment is needed for this condition.

Keep in mind that these conditions require long-term treatment, one or two consultations will not solve your problem. Support from around you is also needed. Not only parents, but other families, siblings / siblings, friends, girlfriends, husbands / wives, and others who you think can help.

Joining a community with the same problem can also help progress towards the recovery of this condition. You can find out about this through your psychologist / psychiatrist.

Some of the things you can do yourself are:

You need to find out more about your condition. Either through magazines, trusted articles in cyberspace, as well as direct consultation with doctors / psychiatrists / psychologists on a regular basis. Please read: Social Phobia

You can do relaxation therapy regularly, in the form of meditation, yoga, and others
Avoid foods / drinks that can trigger your fear / anxiety / stress, such as: alcohol, caffeine
Do a healthy lifestyle, take regular breaks every day and do regular exercise

It should be noted that the prognosis for this type of phobia is generally good, with appropriate treatment. Therefore, immediately seek professional help for you.

That's the explanation, hope it helps.

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